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Blackmailing the nation

AG Noorani?s article A valley scarred (October 24) is just another of the series that HT has been publishing to warn the nation of ?dire consequences? if Afzal is hanged.
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PUBLISHED ON OCT 25, 2006 01:10 AM IST

AG Noorani’s article A valley scarred (October 24) is just another of the series that HT has been publishing to warn the nation of ‘dire consequences’ if Afzal is hanged. Do you want us to believe that defenceless witnesses who yield to pressure and threats from criminals are to be condemned, but the nation’s surrender to terrorists is justified? It is such hypocrisy that allows terrorists to walk free.

Dilip Amritphale, Ujjain


Clemency for Afzal Guru would be a travesty of justice. It is difficult to imagine how Kashmiris can be

so thoughtless as to condone a terrorist act, when they themselves have suffered untold hardships over the years. Will Afzal’s protectors ensure that Kashmir will be a paradise of peace once he is spared the gallows?

VT Joshi, Bhopal

What’s your defence?

Apropos of Manoj Joshi’s article If wishes were horses… (October 19), the DRDO’s record has become a cause for concern. Not only has it failed to live up to its brief as India’s premier defence research establishment, it has also put a spanner in the country’s defence preparedness by crying hoarse over the import of crucial defence equipment. It is time the DRDO and the Defence Ministry got their acts together.

Dickpal Rajkhowa, via e-mail

Jungle raj

with crooks like Abu Salem contesting UP assembly elections, we should leave the fate of this country in God’s hand. As if the Raja Bhaiyyas and Pappu Yadavs were not enough, now the underworld will be ruling us.

Nikku Singh, Kolkata

Irresponsible bodies

The Dengue toll in the country reflects on the incompetence of the Union Health Ministry as well as the civic bodies. The government should introduce positive measures and long-term campaigns to prevent epidemics like dengue. This is a stigma for the UPA government.

AL Agarwal, Delhi

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