Brighten up your home

Bid farewell to all those dull, boring colours as this season home décor is all about bold, bright, feel-good colours — the kind that lights up your place. Read on to know how to liven it up.

india Updated: Sep 04, 2010 12:56 IST
Roma Arora
Roma Arora
Hindustan Times

The Fall season globally is being celebrated with a sudden and unexpected burst of bright colours in the décor trends. Retailers and home fashion experts say consumers are looking for ways to express their artistic taste in with home decor items.

And moving away from the usual, boring colours for their home, people are suddenly taking to loud colours that was a total no-no until a couple of years back.

Bright is in
The colour grey, which may have been for years, the “it” colour, may now start looking a bit dull. It is time to add some purple or persimmon, or perhaps citron. Whatever shopper’s pick up, it should make them feel good. It seems that people want to bring in that positive ‘feel happy’ vibe to their homes by playing with the décor trends.

Interior designer Nupur Gupta says, “People are fed up of dull colours. They’re experimenting with the brighter tones now. I suggest, instead of buying a very bright colour piece, choose accessories that are more colourful. Opt for bright cushions, bedspreads and vases. This will pep up your room in a classy way.”

SofaIndia ahoy!

For Indians, it sounds like a trend that traces it roots to our rich, cultural history. Indian artefacts have always been ruled by bright colours. It is common to find houses in rural Rajasthan with walls painted in shocking pink. Artisans too, create products like rugs, wall hangings and bright lanterns.

Interior designer Monica Kamal says, “Bright colours like fuschia, blue and yellow are popular this season. Be it the sofa set or the colourful bed linens, people are choosing bright colours to liven up the décor. However, try to keep the walls and other accessories simple and in light colours, such as cream, white, etc.”

Retail chains too, are looking to make selections friendlier and have added exclusive environment-friendly products. So it’s back to traditional décor stuff like pottery, mirror work wall hangings, rugs and durries.
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Bright colour guide for home decor
Play restraint: Bright colours add a happy ambience to your house; but to avoid a jarring effect, try adding a sober element. If you have a sunshine yellow sofa, go for dull gold cushions and lampshades to balance the effect.

Wall effect: If you like painting your walls bright and cheery, it's better to paint just one wall very bright. Loud colours give a very compact feel.

Pots and plants: Using bright, hand-painted pots with green plants will add a personal touch to your house. In fact, you can ask the kids too, to participate in this pot painting. The more colourful, the better.

Ethnic chic: Using traditional mirror-work elements with intricate Indian embroidered wall hangings is a great idea to have that contemporary and conventional fusion in your home.

Splash generously: If you like muted tones, such as white and beige, then try adding a few splashes of colours. For instance, on a white sofa, display bright orange cushions on it. Or on a beige dining table runner, place bright red dining mats to give a contrast feel.

First Published: Sep 03, 2010 16:56 IST