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Business Social Networking

The world's biggest company Microsoft has invested heavily in Facebook while arch rival Google is bullish on Orkut, reports Puneet Mehrotra.
None | By Puneet Mehrotra
UPDATED ON MAR 01, 2008 01:39 PM IST

Social networks are now a part of our lives. We have actually arrived at a time when sites like Facebook or Orkut are not just reflecting our current mood but serving as a way to socialize. The biggest organizations have invested social networks. The world's biggest company Microsoft has invested heavily in Facebook while arch rival Google is bullish on Orkut. In India too the scenario is similar. Anil Ambani's ADAG last year invested in social networking site With so much activity on social networks Business Social Networking has been left either. It has finally come of age in India. This month Globsyn Innoventures signed a joint venture agreement with business networking major USA for setting up a professional and business networking site.

The India Market
So far the business networking space has had players like and also to an extent but there hasn't really been something India specific in a big way with the entire focus on India. fills that space. Noteworthy is that India currently has a booming e-commerce market of Rs.12 billion and almost 40 million internet users.

Business Networking the India way
Most business networking sites have similar features like connecting to various interest groups, browsing through business networks, sharing friends etc. Two weak areas in business networking especially from the India point of view have been the emphasis on local and the exclusivity element. In other words a certain group remains an exclusive one unless referred to or invited in that group. takes care of those issues in a great way.

As a business lead generation is important to you. With the ever growing tribe of ecommerce platforms that comes easily also now. But in the business networking space that perhaps is an interesting feature in the site.

The interface isn't very great from graphic point of view and certainly better was expected. The usability quotient is good and makes it easy for a new user to browse through.

From a revenue potential for a member will this site be able to take on the b2b platforms like which launched 2 days ago. Though both are in different domains altogether but ultimately business networking is about increasing the revenue potential.

So what can a user expect from this site? According to indiakonnects if you are looking for advice, mentors, experts, referrals, new business the site helps.

Mimicking real business life
Interesting, the platform, which this site uses was created in a way to mimic the real, traditional method of business networking. This is perhaps an area which hasn't been really addressed well by other sites. claims to have managed this well.

The focus of real business life mimicking and the focus on geography can probably be seen from the fact that konnects has created over 350 city business networks around the globe and over 80 unique industry networks.

The last word
Will indiakonnects emphasis on localization, lead generation and exclusivity address the areas where other business networks have failed? Perhaps only time will tell. For the time being it's great news for you to make new friends and maybe even get more business.

(Puneet Mehrotra writes on technology

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