Celebrating love

It’s time again to usher in the day - the most controversial on our calendar. Ironically, Valentine's Day is associated with love and romance, writes Aryan Vaid.

india Updated: Feb 12, 2009 18:00 IST
Bawdy Line | Aryan Vaid
Bawdy Line | Aryan Vaid
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It’s time again to usher in the day, which has become the most controversial one on our calendar. Ironically enough, Valentine’s Day is associated with love and romance.

Over the last few years, violence has been used as a way of protesting against a day, which celebrates love.

Valentine’s Day elicits a variety of responses — joy, glee, bliss and even annoyance. The feel-good day for lovers is also the mainstay for florists and gift shops. But every rose comes with thorns. I found out this during my college days.
We had daytime socials on Valentine’s Day in college. Cool guys, who were a part of a group with a strange name, would organise them.

So cool
So I got together with a bunch of guys and organised a social event on Valentine’s Day. We called ourselves the ‘War Eagles’. It was only about sounding cool and had nothing to do with the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

But guess what? The organisers (four of us) had no dates. In our enthusiasm, we missed out on the most important detail — a date.

How could we be celebrate Valentine’s Day without a date? Besides, for many singles, instead of being a day for celebration it brings up feelings of self-doubt, loneliness or depression.

Our group could fix anything in a jiffy but how would we produce dates for ourselves from nowhere.. and that too, overnight?

Ready to mingle
So we started our brainstorming sessions. Of all our plans, the one that seemed to make some sense was requesting our sisters to fix us up with their friends. I asked my sisters but they discarded it as a rather silly plan.

So there I was, single and ready to mingle, at a party organised by my friends and me, to celebrate love. No matter how hard I tried to mingle, most of the girls had come with their special dates.

At the end of the event, I was still single. The only consolation was, the event was a success. Some couples profess undying love for each other.

Since then, I’ve spent some really amazing Valentine’s Days filled with lots of gifts, candles and all those things that symbolise the special day. This year seems like a repeat of the Valentine’s Day spent single because my fiancée is in the U S. I’m already feeling the blues.

I had planned to go over. It’s snowing. It would have been the perfect spot for a cosy Valentine Day together.
So now, I think it will be a Valentine Day spent with a web cam while dreaming of a candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant. Well who cares as long as I can retain the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

First Published: Feb 12, 2009 17:31 IST