Celebrities break laws; use money, star status to get away

Do Bollywood stars abuse their celebrity status to misbehave in public places?

india Updated: Feb 26, 2012 01:24 IST
Hindustan Times

Film actors often take the law into their hands. Actor Saif Ali Khan abused his status by getting into a scuffle with a South African NRI. However, he was let off on bail within 90 minutes of his arrest. Such celebrity public brawls have become very common. A few weeks ago, actor Sharukh Khan slapped director Shirish Kunder. However, the incident was hushed up to save the face of Hindi cinema’s superstar.

After remaining untraceable all day, Saif Ali Khan was arrested on Wednesday evening from his lawyer’s office at Nariman Point. This shows that Khan’s arrest was arranged only after his bail plea was ready. Khan claims that he didn’t initiate the fight and the charges levelled against him are fabricated.

He unveiled the hockey trophy on Thursday, a day after his arrest. It is important for the truth to come out in the open. Like most celebrity cases, this case too, shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet.

It is time to have a uniform rule for everyone. Earlier it was politicians and cricketers; now cine actors too are escaping serious punishment.

— CK Ramani

Actors shouldn’t take the law for granted

Often, film personalities take advantage of their money and fame. They misbehave in public places without fearing the law. They consider themselves supreme. I think that Bollywood actors are egoistic and rude. Many film actors are facing police cases in the court.

It is high time that the government punishes them, irrespective of their star status. By doing so, the government will also set an example for other actors, who take the law for granted because of their status and image.

—Bhagwan Thadani

Bollywood actors are hyped, pampered

Bollywood and television actors are frequently involved in unlawful activities such as brawls in public places and hit-and-run cases.

However, after a few days, the incident is forgotten and we rarely see any action being taken against these over-hyped and pampered actors. Often, the victims and their relatives don’t receive any compensation and are left alone in their sufferings.

It is the responsibility of the police force to ensure that each case is followed to its logical end. The court should punish the guilty severely, even if they are famous actors.

— Ketan R Meher

Don’t use brawls as a publicity stunt

Actors abuse their celebrity status to misbehave in public places. They often use public brawls as a publicity stunt to remain in the news, especially when their film’s release is just around the corner. Apart from the celebrity status, the arrogance of easy money and a glamourous life goes to their head. However, one’s conduct and nature depends upon one’s family background.

— Sudhakar Shenoy

First Published: Feb 26, 2012 00:48 IST