Choosing the healthy way
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Choosing the healthy way

The right combinations of herbs, vitamins, and other food groups go a long way in keeping us physically and emotionally healthy.

india Updated: Jan 29, 2004 17:18 IST

I have written a lot about various Healing Modalities in my previous articles, and maybe some of you are confused and do not really know what to follow, in your quest for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Let me lead you into a maze of avenues you can explore, in your search for a holistic experience, which means a complete nurturing of Body, Mind and Spirit, that is the entire Being, for a happy life.

Let us start with our body healings. If we wish to make the right choices for a perfect body, we have to address the subject of healthy nutrition. Every morsel of food that is ingested by us has an effect on the cells' functioning, and is reflected in the way we feel, after we have absorbed its nutrients.

The right combinations of herbs, vitamins, and other food groups go a long way in keeping us physically and emotionally healthy. Certain foods make us irritable; others make us feel depressed, or light-hearted. Let us choose wisely, and avoid those, which affect us in a way that we do not want to emote.

Alcoholic drinks, certain drugs, or tobacco may give us a temporary 'high', but the depression that follows completes the vicious circle of entrapping us within these habits. In addition to food, it might be beneficial to explore exercises which enhance the bodily experience into a spiritual high. This could be through learning Tai-Chi, the martial arts, yoga, or dancing. Getting yourself massaged, or going through foot reflexology help to open up our meridians, and allow energetic transformation.

For the mind we could do exercises such as guided imagery or visualization techniques. These experiences help to open up parts of our brain structures that have been unused till now. Even a simple exercise like doing crossword puzzles, or sorting jumbled words exercise the dormant portions of the brain. Have we not heard that we use only 10 percent of our brain capacity, and the remaining 90 percent remains a sort of inactive filler, until we decide to use the whole!

Weekend workshops can be of immense help, as they are structured to open up the unused pathways of the mind to train the self into becoming more powerful.

In the Spiritual Realm, we could make a strong beginning by prayer to the Higher Forces that have guided us in this realm. Contemplation and meditation on mantras and Light are excellent training to be able to feel a connection with our Source!

Practising unconditional love and forgiveness on a daily basis is also a form of calming meditation, as it helps us to remain balanced and centred, no matter what others may say or do. Try to join some kind of metaphysical group, for then we are reinforced with the ideas and feelings of others, we feel that we are moving along the right path.
Many, many avenues open up as we start on our journey of exploration into hitherto unknown territories. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. So do not be surprised if, after giving intent to move forward holistically, fresh paths and guides suddenly appear to take you onwards to your goal!

Get set, and move, as the Buddha says "Charaiveti! Charaiveti".

First Published: Jan 29, 2004 16:59 IST