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Citizens against terror| Justice for all

Keep sending in your suggestions (please do not exceed a 100 words) to: or log on to or to upload it.

india Updated: Dec 10, 2008 00:00 IST

Keep sending in your suggestions (please do not exceed a 100 words) to: or log on to or to upload it

Let’s learn about religion

I am thankful to Hindustan Times for giving us this forum to express our views. As a long-term strategy against terror, religious education should be imparted in schools by (proper) people. Many persons do not know what Islam is, or other religions. Such people are easily brainwashed by terrorists. People of different religions should understand each other.

Abdul Aziz

No bargains

India must resolve that there shall be no negotiations with terrorists, whoever the hostage(s) may be.

P. Raghunath

Send out a strong signal

It is a fact that many misguided Muslim youth are involved in this crime just as many Sikhs were involved in terrorism some two decades back. At that time, the police force of Punjab — comprising mostly Sikhs and headed by a Sikh IPS officer who gave the famous slogan “Bullet for Bullet” — eradicated terrorism. Follow that example now with Muslims.

All those responsible for the demolition of the Babri Masjid must be punished by a fast track court and steps should be taken to re-construct Babri Masjid.

All those responsible for Gujarat riots must be punished by a fast track court.

Q Alam

Remember us, too

I fully empathise with the feelings of Muslims in various parts of India. But while we demand justice for them, who will tell the Muslim majority in Kashmir that the Kashmiri Pandits also need justice from the majority community there? They killed us, burned our houses and temples and drove us out of our native place. While we must ensure national reform and delivering justice to minorities, do not forget us, just because we are educated and silent, like the Jews were in Europe. We are citizens of India, too and refugees in our own country since 1989. Don’t punish us either for our religion.

A. Raina

Shape up or ship out

Those big-bellied policemen must be told to reduce or only sit behind desks. All others must be told to get trim and must never stop getting physical training. They should be taught to look alert all the time and not half dead. Send them for yoga or PT. Make exercise and drill compulsory for all security personnel. And update their arms and ammunition from those old firearms that nobody is scared of. Our coastline must be protected all the time: small boats and fishing vessels must be numbered and licensed and checked frequently. Listen to the complaints of the people; they are genuine.

Michael Monteiro

Behead Kasab

There are eyewitnesses and CCTV footage as incontrovertible evidence against Mohammad Ajmal Amir (aka Kasab)’s involvement in the cold-blooded murder of innocent people and police officers in the November 26 shootout at CST and other places in the Mumbai massacre. The investigators know that Kasab will never tell the truth, for he is India’s enemy. So what is the use of interrogating him and thereafter lodging an FIR, proceeding against him in a court of law and such rigmarole? He should not be allowed to write to his parents as pleaded by him (obviously a ploy to garner some sympathy). Behead Kasab in true Saudi style. Only such immediate punishment will act as an effective deterrent against those out to butcher innocent citizens and terrorise our nation.

KP Rajan