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Comfortably nude!

Take this quiz and let your score lead you to confidence-boosting advice that will make you feel hotter.

india Updated: Jun 20, 2010 01:17 IST
Hindustan Times

How often do you sleep naked?
(a) When you’re with a guy, and occasionally when alone.
(b) Only when you pass out after sex.

If a guy tells you how great you look in the buff, you think:
(a) Tell me something I don’t know.
(b) How nice. But you secretly wonder if he’s just being kind.

When you put on a new dress for a party and your butt can barely squeeze into it, your fix is...
(a) Pick another outfit that makes your ass look great.
(b) Pour yourself into the thing, and add a bold necklace to draw attention upward.

When was the last time you thought of yourself as sexy?
(a) After a spa session.
(b) When you were complimented for an outfit.

You notice a copy of a magazine filled with hot chicks at your man’s place. It makes you wonder:
(a) How much photoshop it took to make them look that flawless. I look million bucks.
(b) If you should consider ramping up your workout routine.

When you get naked with a guy for the first time, your initial thought is:
(a) His eyes are going to pop out of his head now .
(b) He likes what he sees.

What would be your turn-on toolkit-stuff that gets you in touch with your sensual side?
(a) Body shimmer, push-up bra, or a curling iron to give your hair seductive waves.
(b) A fragrant candle, your vibrator, and some silk sheets.

If you strike three or more
(a) You’re a surface sex bomb. Though you work your butt off to look flawless, you still think it’s too big or flat or dimply. You know you look most appealing when you’re natural and comfortable. But you still take stock of your body like a man does. Guys are thrilled to see boobs and other naked parts they usually aren’t privy to. Your demands on yourself are higher than anybody else’s, so you don’t have to work so hard to look amazing.

If you strike three or more
(b) Shyness is one thing, but you’re just plain clothes-minded. Everyone has something sexy about them. So when you strip down in front of a full-length mirror, refuse to criticise yourself, and don’t leave until you give yourself one kudos for the way you look. Next, let him say nice things about you. What turns men off the most is when they tell their partner ‘You’re gorgeous’ and she responds by saying she’s fat or ugly. It magnifies the features that would otherwise go unnoticed. So force yourself to push the dimmer up every time you have sex until you can enjoy it with the lights on, and start sleeping naked solo to get comfortable in the buff.

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan India

First Published: Jun 19, 2010 16:48 IST