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Common thread of terror

Britain has successfully thwarted an attempt to blow up 11 passenger aircraft. The scale and audacity of the planned attack should serve as a warning to India.

india Updated: Aug 12, 2006 03:36 IST

Britain has successfully thwarted an attempt to blow up 11 passenger aircraft. The scale and audacity of the planned attack should serve as a warning to India. Our central and state governments should rise above vote bank politics to address the real and pressing security issues facing our airports. Illegal colonies running along the runway of the Mumbai airport is one example. The government must brush aside the flimsy objections raised by MLAs and MPs and take steps to protect aircraft and passengers.

Geraldine H


It is difficult to tackle terrorism unless the world acknowledges the common thread running between all acts of terror like 9/11, 7/7 and 11/7. Perhaps an operational group comprising Israel, India, Russia, Britain and the US could be formed to hunt down terrorists all over the world.

Raghubir Singh


British intelligence has done a commendable job. It has definitely established that Pakistan is the origin of many terrorist groups. Now the question arises whether Musharraf is doing enough to control terrorism or is he quietly encouraging terrorist groups. On its part, India must beef up security, strengthen regulations and revamp the judiciary. The recent security breach at the PM’s residence should be a wake up call.

Bapu Satyanarayana


The world will heave a sigh of relief that the diabolical bid to blow up US-bound aircraft from London has been foiled. But we must not forget that intelligence agencies may not be as lucky every time. If the wave of jehadi violence is not reversed globally, including in Pakistan, which is the hotbed of Islamist terrorism, the ongoing game of hatred and retribution may continue to take place around the world.



The incident reminds one of our own failure to reach the root of terror. Conspiracy of British rulers and Indian Muslims created Pakistan with the tacit support of the ‘Reds’ and pseudo-secularists. The monolithic theological State was later nurtured by the US, and became a cradle for Islamist terrorists. Pakistan has been carrying out a hate campaign through TV, madrassas and even regular school books against India. It must be brought to book.

RC Nigam
via e-mail

Opportunist Opposition

The leaking of the Pathak Commission report before it was tabled in the House is a non-issue for the common man. For him only Natwar Singh’s role is of consequence. But the BJP’s aim is only to throw the government off balance.

This is a standard NDA tactic — it had initiated nuclear cooperation with the US but is now condemning the UPA over it. It seems that for the BJP, SP and AIADMK national interest is only of secondary importance.

M Hashim Kidwai

Hollow sympathy

What purpose is served by the PM, Chief Ministers and other VIPs going on aerial surveys of flood-affected areas? It’s a waste of public money. The millions that are spent recklessly on these trips can be better utilised to provide relief to the affected. If politicians want to show sympathy for the sufferers, they might as well do so from TV studios and save taxpayers’ money.

Ravi Bedi

Israel’s aggression

Everybody found fault with Israel for the punitive action against Lebanon. It is Israel’s Arabic neighbours who are fomenting hatred for it. If the international community recognises Israel’s right to survive, there is no reason to condemn it for taking action against the enemies. After all, Israel is being attacked despite the nation’s efforts to placate them. Iran’s gameplan is to divert the world’s attention from the nuclear issue and is behind the present crisis for which Lebanon is paying the price.

Vibha Nigam
via e-mail


With the US’s approval and support, Israel continues to massacre the civilian populations
of Lebanon and Palestine. However, Israeli aggression has exposed the limits of Israel’s much-feared military machine. The Lebanese resistance has proved formidable and has rallied all the patriotic and anti-imperialist forces worldwide. If the genocide of innocent people is to be brought to a halt, all nations must press for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Shubnum S Khan


It is true that Israel has a right to self-defence as it was attacked first. But its reaction is disproportionate and nothing condones the killing of innocent civilians and destroying vital infrastructure.

This response has earned Israel an increase in Arab hatred, alienation of world opinion and criticism from many moderate Jews. It is time the US urged Israel to show restraint in the interest of peace.

AVA Eswaran

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First Published: Aug 12, 2006 03:36 IST