Confessions of a style icon

The King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan talks to Kabeer Sharma about style, sports and haircuts.

india Updated: Aug 10, 2006 13:40 IST

When Shah Rukh Khan begins a Tag Heuer press conference by saying, 'Wonderful rains outside, so I'm sure everyone is a little wet," and wonders aloud just why the exclusive Rs 3-lakh watch the company plans to make with his 'design inputs' is called 'Shah Rukh Khan Monaco 69," you know you're in for a treat.

And the man in the velvet lapelled jacket (didn't quite go with his black pants) had something to say about anything and everything.

Asked what he thinks about other stars endorsing watch brands, he said, 'I've never derided anyone, I just wish them all the luck, because they are going to need it."

A style icon in denial


 I'm amazed at being called a style icon, says SRK

I'm amazed at being called a style icon. In fact, even when I was coming here Aftab (no, not Shivdasani) said 'Black suit

pehenega na tu

?" because that's what I always wear. I have 30 black suits from different films so, normally I just end up wearing one of them.

I'm essentially a person who does not even know what I'm wearing. My friends buy me T-shirts and some of the film stuff is left over so I wear that, but it has to be comfortable. My shoes too are made somewhere in Mumbai. My tailors must have made the jacket that I'm wearing.

Of hugs and broken glasses

When I started wearing the redrimmed glasses it wasn't a style statement. I need glasses to read and to look at my telephone. I've been wearing them for the last 9-10 months. I wear these glasses only because they can twist around and don't break in my pocket when I hug everyone.

On sports

I'm doing a film on hockey and believe I can pull it off. But I don't think I can do a film purely on sports as I'm physically unfit. Ten years ago I could run a whole 90-minute game without flinching. I can't do it now.

Mumbai star vs Delhi boy

Mumbai accepts workers with open arms, Delhi accepts politicians with open arms. Delhi is a wonderful place to live in, Mumbai is the most beautiful place to work in; Delhi is where home is, Mumbai is where you should open an office. But now I'm a Mumbaiite — a decision I took six to seven years ago. Now I don't think I'll shift back to Delhi though I have a family house there. Living in Mumbai is like getting married — you live here for two years and you begin liking it. It's no-nonsense work and you get to meet movie stars!


For Don, my hair was cut differently, but unfortunately it doesn't look too different. Changing your hair is not a big deal, but so far no director has asked me to — they love me the way I am. I've not shaved today because a director wanted me to keep a four-day stubble. He'll test it, and may keep it, or junk it.

First Published: Aug 10, 2006 00:00 IST