Confusion prevails over Mahajan's intake of drugs

The hospital stood by the controversial report that the urine samples of Rahul had tested negative.

india Updated: Jun 04, 2006 12:44 IST

Confusion over whether Rahul Mahajan had consumed drugs before being rushed to Apollo Hospital in a critical condition two days back was compounded on Sunday with doctors tying themselves up in knots over the issue.

The hospital Medical Director Anupam Sibal stood by the controversial report by doctors that the urine samples of Rahul, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, had tested negative for any unidentifiable drug. At the same time, when asked if Mahajan had drugs, Sibal said enigmatically, "perhaps yes, perhaps, no".

He maintained that it was the job of the police to investigate what led to Rahul's clinical condition.

However, another doctor has also said traces of "cocktail of drugs" were found in the sample although it was negative because they were under permissible limits.

On tests conducted on Mahajan's urine samples, Sibal said, "No such traces of drugs were found in the tests conducted by the hospital, which was re-checked by another prestigious laboratory also."

He was admitted to the hospital at 2.55 am and the samples were collected at 6 am, Sibal said adding in the tests only one drug Benzodyzadine, which is actually a sedative, was found to be above normal.

Sibal said there was further improvement in the condition of Rahul, who was off the ventilator since yesterday and was partaking oral diets and fluids.

"Rahul has made further progress in his overall clinical condition. The non-invasive ventilator is now being used intermittently and all his vital parameters are stable," he told reporters here adding, Mahajan continues to be under close observation.

On questions about the gastric lavage tests from CFSL, he said "we are also anxiously waiting for the result since we also want to know what triggered the situation."

A Delhi police team today visited Apollo hospital for a possible session with Rahul Mahajan.

"A Delhi police team came here to enquire about Rahul's condition but since he is still in the ICU, they will have to wait and with the progress he is making now it will be possible in a day or so."

Meanwhile, Harish Sharma, the late Pramod Mahajan's former secretary, who was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure, is being discharged on Sunday.

First Published: Jun 04, 2006 12:44 IST