'Cong behind less Muslims in Govt'

UP chief minister blames Cong for under-representation of Muslims in Govt jobs, reports Masoodul Hasan.

india Updated: Nov 06, 2006 13:22 IST

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav on Sunday blamed the Congress for gross under-representation of Muslim community in government jobs.

Addressing newsmen in Lucknow Yadav said he had always supported the demand of minorities reservation in the government jobs. Referring to Justice Rajinder Sachar committee report about negligible presence of Muslims in some security related departments, Yadav said the Congress had been in power for a long time and it was responsible for this situation.

The chief minister also said that his party would oppose the women reservation bill in Parliament during winter session. While assailing the Congress and BJP for joining hands for the passage of the bill, the chief minister said the bill was unacceptable under present form.

About the Congress and BJP demand for assembly elections under the president’s rule, Yadav said why this demand for UP only. He said it should be applicable in other states also.

Lauding the state election commission for holding free and fair local bodies election, Yadav said BJP, BSP and Congress had been unnecessarily criticising the commission on the issue. Yadav said he was fully satisfied with the performance of election commissioner AP Singh during the polls.

The commission, he said, had taken tough decisions to ensure fairness in the election process. Yadav said countermanding of Rampur civic election was against his wishes. The chief minister said there was no logic behind the repolling in places where there was 85 percent voters turnout.

He said in civic election turnout was always high. Yadav said long drawn assembly session was largely aimed at providing opportunity to MLAs to raise public issues. Yadav said he was ready to adjourn the House if there was demand from entire opposition.

The chief minister said efforts were being made to break engineers-contractors nexus in the state. He said either the engineers would have to improve the quality of work or be ready to go to jail. He said this nexus, which also had political back, was quite strong in the state.

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First Published: Nov 05, 2006 17:32 IST