Cong vows to usher in another Green Revolution

A draft resolution on 'Agriculture, Employment and Poverty Alleviation through Panchayati Raj' is be adopted at the ongoing AICC plenary.

india Updated: Jan 22, 2006 17:06 IST

The Congress party, heading the ruling UPA coalition at the Centre, on Sunday announced a massive 'Action Programme' promising to usher in the 'Second Green Revolution' to ensure food security for its growing population by making agriculture more sustainable and profitable.

In the draft resolution on 'Agriculture, Employment and Poverty Alleviation through Panchayati Raj,' to be adopted at the ongoing AICC plenary, the party said the land-reform centric revolution would specifically target the problems of small and marginal farmers, landless labour, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, with a focus on desert and drought prone areas and the North East.

The resolution spelt out a series of action programmes envisaged for the accomplishment of the goal through land reforms, irrigation, rainfed farming, integrated wasteland development, education of farmers, vast expansion of the comprehensive national agricultural insurance scheme, thrust to agriculture bio technology, including bio-foods like mushroom, spirulina and chlorella, promotion of oilseeds and pulses, processing and marketing.

The action programme envisages review of outdated and obsolete land legislations and replace them with new progressive laws eliminating any residual traces of zamindari, ensuring tenancy rights, consolidation of fragmented holdings, besides accelerated distribution of land to the landless with special focus on SCs and STs.

Land records of the farmers would be computerized at the village level.

Highlighting the problems of Khet Mazdoor, the resolution said rapid progress in rural housing, employment opportunities in agro-industrial complexes and other off-farm employment opportunities and comprehensive insurance cover are pressing requirements for them.

First Published: Jan 22, 2006 15:35 IST