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Conman from Satyam

According to Vedic astrology, Satyam founder chairman B Ramaling Raju had great planetary positions when he was born, writes Pt. Bhanu Pratap Narain Mishra.

india Updated: Jun 07, 2012 18:50 IST

Born on September 16, 1954 to a small farmer, Satyam Computer Services founder chairman B. Ramaling Raju is in the red now.

When Raju was born, according to Vedic Astrology, his horoscope showed great planetary positions.

While Sun was in its own house of Leo, Mercury was in its exalted sign Virgo. Jupiter was in its exaltation sign-Cancer, Saturn too was in its exaltation sign, Libra and Venus were in their own signs. Libra, Mars was in Sagittarius close its exaltation sign - Capricorn, and Moon in Aries close to its exaltation sign Taurus (Vrish) with bharni constellation.

He has three A grade Raj Yogas in his horoscope---Venus gives him Malavya, Saturn gives him Sasa and Jupiter gives him Hans Mahapursh Rajyogas.

He did his MBA in America. His company Satyam has won numerous awards in corporate governance, including Golden Peacock Global Award twice, the last was in 2008. But Rahu with his enemy Mars in Sagittarius, shows bad yoga in his horoscope.

Based on his Chandra Kundli Rahu with his enemy planet Mars in Sagittarius sign creates bad yoga. Due to this yoga his life will be in danger in a foreign land. Aspect of powerful Saturn in Mars and Rahu also make Raju a conman. He survives till date due to most beneficial planet Jupiter in Sagittarius. After December 9, 2008, when Jupiter entered his debilitated sign Capricorn, his wisdom deserted him.

Rahu and Jupiter both in Capricorn, makes bad astrological yogas called Guru Chandal Yoga. And great planet of justice-Saturn became retrograde on December 31, 2008. It has also done justice for Raju when he himself admitted of committing fraud in Satyam accounts.

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First Published: Jan 16, 2009 18:23 IST