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Crysis 2: Maximum satisfaction

This cross-platform game is visually stunning on the PC, if not on the consoles, has a music score composed by Han Zimmer. Crysis 2 takes place nearly three years after the events in Crysis, where New York has been hit by a deadly virus and an alien invasion.

india Updated: Apr 14, 2011 17:55 IST
Avinash Bali

Crysis 2 takes place nearly three years after the events in Crysis, where New York has been hit by a deadly virus and an alien invasion. Most of the citizens are dead, and the few that survived are dying painful contaminated deaths. You are Alcatraz, a special ops soldier sent in to survey the situation and provide back up to a certain scientist but obviously things don’t go quite as planned.

Like its predecessor, Crysis 2 is all about the Nanosuit. Thanks to its plethora of abilities, it allows the player to adopt and run with their very own style of gameplay, opening the door for multiple play-throughs. Most of the suit’s abilities are back from the first game so you can run fast, cloak yourself, jump real high and hit real hard. Where the first game tied it all down to the mouse, Crysis 2 allows players to map the suit’s abilities to the keyboard.

Bad enemy AI
Unfortunately the new system is also a bit imbalanced. Shooting even a silenced pistol while cloaked rapidly drains your energy. At the same time, Crysis 2’s enemy AI is so dense, we rarely felt threatened or challenged.

Things do improve a bit when you start battling the Ceph but besides their acrobatic, fast movements, they charge at you in a straight line, making it very simple to kill them. Besides the run of the mill grunts, you’ll face some mini bosses who once again can be killed pretty easily thanks to their lack of brain cells. The game looks phenomenal and is highly scalable as well. On our modest nVidia GTX 280, the game performed flawlessly at a 1920x1080 (full HD) resolution on ‘Very High’ settings.

New York looks phenomenal and the amount of detail gone into recreating the Big Apple is admirable. Watching this once thriving and lively city reduced to a crumbling reflection of its former self is chilling. Special mention goes out to the audio department that have done a brilliant job with the sounds that accompany your every move be it metallic clink of detaching a turret, firing off rounds from your machine gun or the satisfying thump of a shotgun. Hans Zimmer has composed the game’s score, which grows on you through the course of the game.

No cars in multiplayer
Multiplayer in Crysis 2 is more Call of Duty than Battlefield primarily because of the absence of vehicles. Like Activision’s juggernaut, you play well and earn points that can be used to purchase and enhance upgrades like better cloaking, faster reloading and stronger armour.

We were a bit apprehensive about the game because of all the negativity about how Crytek sold out developing games for the console, ditching their die hard PC gamers in the process. And yes, Cytek may be guilty of that to a certain extent, but we don’t really see this as an issue as long as the product satiates at the end of the day. Besides the idiotic AI and a few multiplayer niggles, Crysis 2 is a visual powerhouse backed by lofty production values, solid gameplay and frantic action across both single and multiplayer.

Rating: ****