'Culprits' face test by fire in Rajasthan

A panchayat orders as many as 150 suspected foodgrain thiefs to dip their hands in burning oil and find a ring.

india Updated: Sep 17, 2006 21:54 IST

As many as 150 men were made to dip their hand in burning oil in Rajasthan to nail the culprit who had stolen foodgrain.

According to media reports, following a theft in a school in Ranpur, 300 km from here, a local panchayat in Pratapgarh ordered the suspects to dip their hands in burning oil. 82 kg of rice was stolen.

Agni Pariksha (test by fire) finds reference in Hindu mythology.

A huge tumbler of hot oil was placed near a river and the villagers aged between 16 and 35 were asked to find a ring in it.

It was believed that the culprit's entire elbow will be burnt and hence he would be caught. However, the exercise was a big failure.

Police went to the village along with a medical team and treated the victims.

Three officials, including police station in-charge of Devgarh, have been suspended in this connection.

First Published: Sep 17, 2006 19:52 IST