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Dad's not the word

Do we need a study to tell us that fathers are worth less than mothers when it comes to housework?

india Updated: Jun 17, 2012 21:45 IST
Hindustan Times

On the eve of Father's Day (June 17), there was some bad (and sad) news for daddies. According to a survey by insurance news and data website, when it comes to household work, daddy duties don't add up to the same value as the household chores that mothers do. The study found that mothers would earn three times more than fathers, if the work they do at home was monetised. But fathers don't need to feel sad about this result, their tribe is improving slowly. Yes, slowly is the operative word here. The second report says that the value of dad's work at home has actually increased from last year. Some consolation that!

Dads in India, however, don't have to rush for the vacuum cleaner and washing machine yet because they were not part of the study. But if you ask us, no company would dare to commission such a study in this country because the results would be particularly embarrassing. So dads here can still enjoy those guilt-free weekends (in many cases weekdays too) sleeping on the sofa, watching mindless action movies and making excuses for not sharing household chores. The wife, meanwhile, you will find, is slogging in the kitchen, cleaning the children's room, and at the same time scouring the newspapers about where to get that cracker of deal when she goes out shopping next.

On second thoughts, now that we are done with some serious men (father)-bashing, we must add that not all are that terrible at housework. Some of them actually do more than their wives, but the percentage is so minuscule that it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. To those who do their share of household work and everything else that needs to be done, we would like to say: boys, keep up the good work; and for the lazy set, we can only sound a warning: a similar survey can happen in India some time soon and then there will be no place to hide. Not even behind that comfortable sofa.

First Published: Jun 17, 2012 21:42 IST