Desertions fail to wake up state BJP

THE BJP seems to be in ?sleep mode? amidst ?rumours? that the party high command has decided to change the leadership in its state unit in the wake of coming Vidhan Sabha elections.

india Updated: Sep 05, 2006 01:37 IST

THE BJP seems to be in ‘sleep mode’ amidst ‘rumours’ that the party high command has decided to change the leadership in its state unit in the wake of coming Vidhan Sabha elections.

The ‘exodus’ from the party, which started last year, Sunday reached a point where three sitting BJP legislators simultaneously deserted the party to join its arch rival SP but even this has failed to make an effect on the saffron brigade.

The party leaders were happy that the party got rid of people with ‘doubtful integrity’. Senior leaders are even aware that at least two more sitting BJP MLAs are in touch with the rival parties and may soon quit the party but no efforts are being made by anybody to woo them or convince then not to desert the organisation.

Many within the party are shocked over the indifference of the central BJP leadership despite the fact that BJP national president Rajnath Singh is from Uttar Pradesh.

Rajnath’s reluctance to interfere in UP affairs even when elections are not far off has amazed many. Singh has visited the state only twice or thrice since he took over the baton from L K Advani.

Aware of internal rivalry among State BJP leaders, Singh has left everything on Kalyan Singh, the national V-P.

In the absence of any second rung leaders in the state, who for obvious reasons were never allowed by seniors to grow, the party has no option but to depend on hardly six leaders though the majority of them have neither any mass appeal nor capable of ensuring revival of the saffron brigade in the state.

The blame game continuous within the organisation as senior leaders cannot see each other eye to eye even with the polls not far off.

Instead, the party workers and ticket-seekers are sore over the way names of the possible BJP nominees for the elections are being finalised. It was announced that this time even the grass root-level workers would be consulted and due weightage would be given to their recommendations in the selection of party contestants. However, even before any formal meeting of the election committee, the State BJP leaders announced that the list of the probable candidates had been finalised. This lead to strong resentment among the workers.

Senior BJP leader and Leader of the Opposition in the Vidhan Sabha Lalji Tandon had announced that candidates for 200 Assembly constituencies had been selected while state BJP president and former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh put the figure at 300 and 350 creating complete confusion in the cadre.

Later all the three leaders retracted saying names of probable candidates were only discussed and so far no decision had been taken.

First Published: Sep 05, 2006 01:37 IST