Do's and don'ts for Bush visit
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Do's and don'ts for Bush visit

Tips on how to look and what to talk have been given to security personnel.

india Updated: Mar 01, 2006 12:12 IST

Mind your P's and Q's, trim your hair, clip your nails, polish your shoes, wear blazers and a special word of advice for the women, no gaudy saris please -- just some of the do's and don'ts for Indian security personnel getting ready for the Bush visit.

And an added incentive to the 150 Delhi Police personnel from the Prime Minister's security wing is a cash prize of Rs 1,500 for the best dressed and even the best behaved official.

Tips on how to look and what to talk were given to the squad that provides security to the Prime Minister and visiting dignitaries, along with the special protection group (SPG), over a lengthy two-hour briefing on Monday evening.

These 150 men and women would be posted in close proximity to the US President, who lands in India on Wednesday evening for a three-day visit.

"You have to look smart in front of the US officials because the whole world would be watching us for three days," said a senior officer while briefing the security personnel.

"Wear your best clothes," he said.

So, the drill read out included wearing dark blazers with light coloured shirts, polishing shoes, a neat hair cut and, in case someone has a closer look,clean trimmed nails.

Women were given specific instructions too - no slippers, and their best saris with sandals. "Your saris should not be too gaudy," their officer said.

Though getting the look right was important, it was equally crucial to watch every word.

According to sources, the officer said, "If somebody asks you a query and if you think answering the question would be outside your brief, then politely reply in English 'Please speak to my senior officer'. In case you do not know the answer to the query, you must say 'Sorry, I do not know'."

He added that US security men were "smarter and better trained".

"They would be keeping a close watch on our work.We must do our job well and ensure that no complaints are made against us."

The Americans must realise that we, too, are good at our job, he said.

Clearly, while the streets of Delhi get spruced up, its police are getting ready for a similar makeover to get the look just right for the crucial visit.

First Published: Feb 28, 2006 10:47 IST