Do we respect genuine effort?
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Do we respect genuine effort?

As Sachin makes a fantastic return, our surfer makes a strong pitch for Sourav.

india Updated: Sep 15, 2006 13:38 IST

We all know that cricket is a gentleman's game; however that is not the case anymore. The concept has changed drastically perhaps it is more of a "scapegoat's" game, nowadays.

A world-class batsman, one of the most successful captains India ever produced, with over 15,000 runs to his credit coupled with 34 centuries is some one I would not dare to keep out of the team. It is one of the strongest cricketing resume's in Indian cricket after Tendulkar's and Gavaskar's.

Agreed Sourav was not in the greatest of forms, however if the selectors can give Kaif and Sehwag "My dear baby" treatment, then why not Sourav? Just because Kaif and Sehwag are the puppets controlled by "Guru Greg"? Sourav was inducted in the team when he was playing badly and shown the door when he was in a good form. Furthermore, our respected selectors say that Ganguly is a big "misfit" for one-day cricket because he is growing old. Is Dinesh Mongia's selection then justified, he is not a 23-year-old rookie, is he?

No matter how much our selectors explain, they cannot justify Ganguly's ouster. Furthermore, the sub-continent crowds are emotionally connected to the game and understand it better, so any justification given should be genuine and not merely hogwash. This is no way to treat a batsman of Ganguly's calibre.

If he doesn't fit in your scheme of things, let him know, but don't hang him in the middle.

Youngsters no doubt form the core of any team; however a blend of experience and youth is the perfect menu. The main problem in Indian cricket is that the current selection is confused and "influenced" by politics. We have a person heading the selection committee who never even scored a century in the international arena! What else could explain keeping Zaheer Khan and Kumble out for a struggling Sreesanth and Harbhajan and "goggles and cream" Powar?

That is sheer lack of understanding cricket and politics. This isn't doing Indian cricket any good. Is India deprived of people who have a better record than More? I don't think so…

No doubt Ganguly made a faux pas when he was inclined towards Dalmiya faction and engaged in politics; however he did it in the interest of the Indian cricket and supported youngsters and perhaps didn't pay attention to his own game. But then nobody questioned his game because the Indian Team flourished under his regime. Though he failed with his Northamptonshire stint, he made an effort; he has to continue doing so and keep knocking the deaf ears of selectors.

However, no matter how much you deny it, politics plays important role in Ganguly's future; it can't be a phenomenon that Ganguly was included in the 30 probables for nothing. Maybe it had to do something with an e-mail which made headlines before CAB elections.

But then inspite of that he deserves a chance.

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First Published: Sep 15, 2006 13:08 IST