Dragon Fly

Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Kathy Bates

india Updated: Mar 15, 2003 21:51 IST

Dragon Fly is the kind of film that stays on, much after the theatrical experience of a journey that explores love and the supernatural. Is there life after death? The film throws open an eerie though haunting debate. Kevin Costner is back in this Tom Shadyac directed film that has edge of the seat moments but it isn't any conventional thriller. The captivating heart wrenching scenes would leave viewers' minds looking for unanswered questions.

Dr. Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) loses his wife, Dr. Emily in a road accident while she is on a medical mercy mission in a remote part of Venezuela.

When Emily's body is not recovered, Joe, as a doctor, is in a quandary. His friends advice him to "get on with life without her" but he gets trapped in a world of the unknown as Emily communicates with him by entering his patients' lifeless bodies. His sense of logic gets disturbed as he listen's to his heart and her spirit's voice. And is emotionally shattered in the process, despite the best of efforts of caring friends. Emily's memory haunts him throughout with images of dragonfly.

A mysterious abstract shape, resembling a dragonfly, which happened to be a personal totem because of a birthmark on her shoulder, begins to appear in many contexts in Joe's world. As Joe delves deeper into the strange events that govern his life, he also gets firm in his belief of an unfinished business which his wife may have wanted him to complete.

The film's high point is its unpredictable storyline till the very end, as it examines the audience's faith in God, and belief in a world beyond our own, while appealing to our imagination and emotions. At some points, the film does plod along and there isn't anything unique about direction.

Costner simply lives the role of a man in a dilemma. The trauma and the suffering Joe undergoes is virtually experienced by the viewers. The film is predictably slow paced and has no frills to act as baits.

But, a word of advice to the yuppies who make fun of 'faith' at the slightest opportunity. Such people, may spoil the fun of all those who are keen on out of the ordinary themes.

With the nail biting tension mounting for the World Cup finals around the corner, it could serve as an escapist fare. Go for it!

First Published: Mar 15, 2003 15:01 IST