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Drive to a new destination

With reference to the editorial Will it be ta-ta to investment in Bengal? (Our take, August 23), it will be prudent for Ratan Tata to exit from Singur instead of wasting his time to build his dream car.

india Updated: Sep 06, 2008 16:17 IST
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Drive to a new destination
with reference to the editorial Will it be ta-ta to investment in Bengal? (Our take, August 23), it will be prudent for Ratan Tata to exit from Singur instead of wasting his time, money and energy and move to a more civilised place to build his dream car. Even if the Bengal CM is able to reach a compromise with the Opposition, it’s likely to be a difficult journey, and fruitless bargaining with political terrorists like Mamata Banerjee, will only delay the roll-out of the long-awaited car.
N Divakaran, via email

They’ve got off lightly
with reference to the editorial A shut and shut case for the judiciary (Our Take, August 25), it is shameful that senior lawyers like R.K. Anand and I.U. Khan have been pulled up for obstructing the administration of justice in the BMW hit-and-run case. The court has given a light punishment by debarring them from appearing in the High Court and lower courts for just four months. In fact, they should also be debarred from appearing in the Supreme Court for life. I wonder if the crime is not covered under the Prevention of Corruption Act.
RR. kishore, Faridabad

Hold firm on the nuclear issue
Apropos of the report Hang on India, say N-clubbers (August 23), India’s denial to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a sign of our sovereign nuclear diplomacy. The delay may hamper our progress towards the civilian nuclear deal. The ball is now in the US’s court to arrange an exemption for India at the NSG, as Indian nuclear interests are entwined with America’s. India should send strong signals that it won't succumb to pressure from the NSG, if we are to maintain nuclear balance in the subcontinent.
Yyugal kishore sharma, Faridabad

Blown out of proportion
with reference to Shabana Azmi’s Why shoot the messenger? (August 24), though she has cleared the air by expressing her views, the original statement which was part of an interview did generalise her case as if all Muslims are denied flats in Mumbai. Perhaps the reaction was sharper because she is believed to be a liberal Indian. I agree with her that the fight is between the moderate and the extreme, and it is sad that moderate Muslim voices have been drowned out by those of their extremist brothers. Shabana should be careful not to make statements that have the potential to blow the issue out of proportion.
Purshottam khandekar, via email

To the aid of the dragon apropos of Neelesh Misra’s report China’s best-kept secret: India (August 25), it seems that Indian companies are playing right into Chinese hands by providing them IT education. In trying to increase short-term profits, they are only setting up China to replace India’s dominance in the global IT industry, which we have taken for granted as permanent and unchallengeable.
Solomon arasu, via email

Figures can be deceptive
The editorial A poor account of poverty redefined (Our Take, August 20) poverty is a global phenomena and it's a fallacy that developed nations have eradicated it altogether. It is time for us to revamp our data collection to better represent reality.
Bhaskar sen, via email