Fardeen won't cross limits!

No more steamy shower scenes. This man is Casanova no more! Love and marriage to Natasha Madhwani has turned Fardeen into a new man.

india Updated: Apr 29, 2006 13:14 IST

No steamy shower scenes and no more lip-locks. This man is Casanova no more! Love and then marriage to Natasha Madhwani has turned Fardeen into a new man altogether.

After much talked pre-nuptial (keeping in mind Fardeen's torrid love life), the stylish hunk, tied the knot in December last year. Today, he is disciplined, more responsible and somewhat a satisfied man.

He himself confesses, "Today, I am in a hurry to go home once my shoot is over, which was not the case earlier. I like to spend Sundays with my wife and I feel that I have become very disciplined. I am not footloose and fancy-free, which I used to be before marriage. Not just that, I am careful while choosing my role with any actress. Since, I have a wife now, I can't appear in an outrageous role with some hot actress. I have some marital commitments and considering that I aim at doing different roles. I look for some significant storyline with challenging roles to play. I have done enough of glamorous characters and now I am not up to those roles," says Khan.

Not only that, he refrains from shooting any raunchy scenes with women like Celina Jaitley with whom he set the silver screen on fire in Janasheen. Now, Fardeen takes extra care of such issues because he knows that he is not as free as he used to be.

"My selection of films too has undergone a sea change. I don't target anything, which is frivolous. I want to do substantial roles. Before taking any role I keep in mind that I go to a reasonable extent with women. Thankfully I haven't got any sort of ultimatum from my wife," Fardeen states.

First Published: Apr 29, 2006 13:14 IST