Film script contest for IITians

Tech guru Sam Pitroda and Shekhar Kapur will hold a film-script-writing contest for IIT alumni.

india Updated: Dec 26, 2006 09:50 IST

Sam Pitroda, Shekhar Kapur announce movie script contest for IIT alumni
Indo-Asian News Service

Technology guru Sam Pitroda and filmmaker Shekhar Kapur have announced a movie script writing contest for the students of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

Pitroda told a conference hosted by the IIT, Mumbai, that considering the multifaceted talent of IIT alumni both Kapur and he believe this would be an exciting contest.

Pitroda, who is also chairman of India's National Knowledge Commission, said the IIT, Mumbai should introduce a Master's in film technology because the growing convergence of various media.

"The IITs need to think outside the box and the time is absolutely right for them introduce such a course that takes in its sweep film technology, animation, film engineering and so on," Pitroda told IANS.

The Pitroda-Kapur announcement for a script writing contest will be an annual feature starting sometime in 2007. Details such as the deadline for script submission, format, selection criteria, jury and the date for final selection will be announced on an upcoming website.

Asked why restrict the contest just to the IIT students, Pitroda said, "We could have kept it open to students generally but logistics would have been tough to manage. Besides, IIT students have established a name for themselves when it comes to multitasking," he said.

A winner and runner-up will be chosen by a jury consisting of well-known names from the world of cinema as well as other professions. There are possibilities that the winning scripts would eventually be made into movies.

Pitroda said he had been toying with the contest for quite sometime and the time was opportune. Asked the quantum of the prizes, he said although it would be "decent amounts for the winners", money was not the motivating force but "a desire to do something exciting and tap into a large talent pool."

IIT alumni have been known to break the mould and frequently explore professions which their engineering background may not foreshadow. They have been involved in running airlines, making movies, operating non-profit organizations and writing fiction.

Pitroda said being based in the same city as the Hindi cinema industry, the IIT, Mumbai will be able to leverage its resources well if it introduced a Master's in film technology.

First Published: Dec 25, 2006 17:53 IST