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Food fallacies

Fallacious beliefs concerning food are common. We bust some commonly observed dietary misconceptions here today.

india Updated: May 28, 2010 01:08 IST
Kavita Wadhwa
Kavita Wadhwa
Hindustan Times

Fallacious beliefs concerning food are common. Most of these trickle down unquestioned, from generation to generation. Some of them, however, have their origin in coincidental illness following the eating of a particular food or food combination. We bust some commonly observed dietary misconceptions here today:

Milk consumed along with fish in any form may cause Vitiligo. Entirely erroneous as such a combination is consumed daily by many.

Foods cooked in Aluminum utensils can cause cancer. A small amount of aluminum certainly gets dissolved in food while cooking, but little if any is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Fruit juice is an important part of a slimmer's diet. Juice of any fruit has all its calories. The only thing that is lost is fibre and some vitamins, which could rather be helpful.

Vegetable oils are light and not fattening. Vegetable oils are comparable to animal fats in their caloric value and are as fattening.

Skim milk has little nutritive value. Skim milk is whole milk with just butterfat removed. It remains a superior food with all its protein, calcium & vitamins.

Keep these in mind too
Beets are rich neither in iron nor protein, it is the nutrients that help in building blood.
No food is fattening. It is the calories consumed in excess that are deposited as fat.
The caloric value of a bread is unchanged by toasting. Only some water content is lost.
Honey is not fattening, and great if taken regularly.

Kavita Wadhwa is an author of books on nutrition and health. Reach her at

First Published: May 27, 2010 17:47 IST