For your daughter?s sake

As per vaastu, an unmarried woman's bed-room should be in the northwest direction of the house.

india Updated: May 29, 2006 13:42 IST

As per vaastu, an unmarried woman should have her bedroom in the northwest direction of the house for a timely marriage, says Dr Ranjeet Mehta.

Marriage is the most basic human institution and the cornerstone for strong families and communities. In fact, a daughter’s marriage is the greatest responsibility for any father. So much so, that even the ancient science of vaastu has a section dealing with it.

According to vaastu, an unmarried daughter should have her bedroom in the northwest direction of the house for timely marriage. The northwest governs change and friendship. The presence of the element air suggests a strong emphasis on thought, ideas and intellectual pursuits of one sort or the other. The shortage of this element signifies an inability to communicate effectively or clearly, that is, she may be somewhat enigmatic and obscure.

The northwest is also called the Vaayavaya cone and is ruled by the element air. Sound and touch are two important parts of air. Touch causes consciousness and consciousness in turn causes reaction. Reaction indicates and promotes good or bad results that directly affect our life. The presence of air also signifies movement. It helps move the thoughts that lead to accomplishment and success. Therefore, it is essential to keep the northern side of northwest open for free flow of air in this direction.

Hang a wind chime in this direction for better results. A wind chime is believed to neutralise negative energy and stimulate good Chi. While installing the wind chime, look for a place in your house or apartment where natural breeze enters all the time through a window. Make sure that the doors swing open inside the house/room and not the other way. The colour of your daughter’s room should be off-white or light blue. You can also hang a combined picture of Lord Shiva and Parvati for fulfillment of desire. The bed should be placed in such a way that there should be enough space for free movement and no portion of it should touch the walls. A gap of at least six inches should be left between the wall and the bed.

Avoid using a bed with boxes in it as it hinders the free movement of air and also keeps accumulating negative energy in the form of dust. The curtain in this room should preferably be pink in colour. Place a red coloured vase with colourful flowers in this room. If there is a wall clock makes sure that it does not stop. This signifies stagnancy, inaction and non-fulfillment of desired results. Also, do not place the dressing table in the northern, western or southern directions of this room. It should be placed in the east or the northeast.

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First Published: May 29, 2006 13:42 IST