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Friends who could be foes on Facebook

Spammed with Friends Requests from random or unwanted acquaintances? Here's a list of 10 People you should most definitely not be friends with on Facebook.

india Updated: Oct 10, 2010 13:32 IST
Hindustan Times

All of us live a parallel Facebook life that is as important as, if not more than, our real life. And let's admit it, everyone is on Facebook and by everyone, we mean just about 'everyone'! So, you might want to be a little careful about what you want to share and more importantly, who want to friend on Facebook. Not everyone is a friend and not everyone who sends you requests should become one.

So, here's a list of people you most certainly should not accept friend requests from.


Your parents' friends.

You DO NOT WANT creepy messages with uncles and aunties coochie cooing, claiming how cute you looked when you were 11?


Family members who like to gossip to other family members.

Wondering how your parents got to know how close you were sitting to someone of the opposite sex when you went out for a movie with your 'gang'!



Any stranger who's trying to friend you 'cause you 'look good'.

That's code for "I'm a sex worker, con artist, or murderer." Actually, anyone whose a stranger. Stranger = danger.


A stranger who you just so happen to have friends in common with.

Facebook intuited that you know people in common? So what? If Facebook jumped off a bridge would you? (Sorry, Friendster, that wasn't a jab at you.)


Your boss.

Need we explain this one?! You won't be able to write status updates about how much work sucks or post pictures of you defacing company property.


Professional contacts.

They don't really care about your personal life. In fact, you might just give away some valuable professional information in one your bouts of inebriation.


Any person whose life revolves around their small child

. Status updates about bowel movements are not "fun breaks" from your workday; they are "punishments." 8. Farmville and FourSquare fanatics. Oh these creatures don't have much of a life anyway, so cutting them out will only mean removing LOTS of spam from your notifications.


Your ex's new significant other.

You really must avoid making friends with your ex's current because they might have some pretty nasty and awkward stuff about you!


People you've fallen out with

. If your awful college roomie sends you a friend request with no note or message, she's doesn't deserve to be forgiven after 10 years. Perhaps, even your ex, if you were the one to call for the break up that is. You never know what they may have to say about you!

So, keep these guys as far from your social network as possible (assuming you aren't the one who should be avoided, that is!)


First Published: Oct 09, 2010 17:49 IST