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GUIDING LIGHT| Metro spiritual!

Spirituality is to give a new dimension to your personality through positive and divine thinking, writes Mukesh Setia.

india Updated: Sep 04, 2006 13:41 IST

In today's fast paced life, almost all of us are stuck in our daily routine, which includes going to office, thinking about and chalking out future plans, planning our kids' future, and of course trying to find out ways to earn more and more. At times we get so absorbed in ourselves that we become apathetic towards the people around us and vice versa.

Is it not that we are moving away from spirituality? Alternatively, in this struggle to survive, to exist, we are becoming unspiritual.
However, for all of you who think they can't possibly become spiritual because it just won't fit in their schedule, think again! There is a way out. You can be spiritual, METRO SPIRITUAL!
Spirituality is to give a new dimension to your personality through positive and divine thinking. It's about time-to-time introspection, to have control on our brain and heart.
The following steps will be your guide to spirituality.

Give everyone his or her Space: It is very important and also it comprises basic etiquettes. Respect other's privacy and they will respect you.

Listen: It is very important to let people have their say, everybody deserves a chance. And who knows maybe they will have something good for you, their ideas or complaints will probably help you become a better person, their views will enhance yours.

Control your Anger: Sometimes when we see something we don't quite like, corruption, poverty, death, destruction, etc. which nowadays is seen almost everywhere, when something goes wrong, not the way we want it to be, most of us get hyper and angry, probably at our own impotence. But this is not the solution and just leads to bad health. Only if you are able to control your anger will you succeed.

Smile: Smile is a beautiful tool, easy to use, no wear and tear! And what's more it makes you attractive and increases your spirituality, your kindness. And when you greet someone with a smile it sends out a very positive signal and the other person feels safe and comfortable with you. A smile helps break the ice. Smile is the key to success and spirituality.

Don't hesitate to ask for forgiveness: No one is perfect, we all endeavour to achieve perfection, and in the process make mistakes, the time you realize your mistake or someone points out your mistake to you, be thankful to that person and don't hesitate to accept. And if required, seek apology. Believe me, this will increase the respect others have for you and it will make you more responsible.

Appreciate: All of us have felt that a little bit of appreciation pours a huge amount of energy into us. A word of appreciation works like a charm. So the next time you like something, make it a point to tell that person, and who knows your words might help that person get better. Remember don't hesitate to appreciate.

Don't forget Values: Stop your vehicle when some pedestrian is crossing the road, don't fight or resort to abuse or bad language, because one can always tackle the situation in a better way. Respect and help old people, remember someday you will be old too. Help people and you will feel better.

Sports/Yoga: Active participation in physical activities keep you physically fit and raise your spiritual quotient as well. You hold a strong grip on every step you take. Your energy levels go up. These activities teach that you should not be rigid or adamant. Flexibility helps you adjust to change. You win when you are flexible.

Pets: Either you belong to the section of people who keep themselves occupied with their pets or must have seen such people around you. People take all sorts of animals for pets, cats, dogs, birds, fishes, rabbits, etc in short, pets come in all shapes and sizes! And are great ways to keep yourself amused and occupied. For people who keep pets, they are a source of comfort, they get attached to these mute friends, and this attachment takes away their loneliness, they feel they have someone, someone their own. In addition to all of the above, people who keep pets don't get tense easily.

Dance/Music: Learn to dance! Classical dances and music are a great way to attain spirituality. Other kinds of dances and music are also a great source of entertainment, they help overcome anxiety and stress and hence to make you feel better, but be careful and stay away from vulgarity, which is poisoning today's youth.

Writing/Painting: Writing and painting are the activities, which not only keep you busy, but also make you think about people, circumstances, cultures and tradition, the world at large and you are able to relate yourself with the rest of the world. And it makes you feel content and happy, wholesome, which is what spirituality is all about.

Remember spirituality is about gaining control of your thoughts and actions and relaxing your mind. We all can be Spiritual.

Mukesh Setia is the founder director of A View To Education (AVTE), a educational institute in New Delhi. His first book Bansuri The Feelings was released in December 2004 the book was on courage and dreams

First Published: Sep 04, 2006 13:41 IST