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Harman and I learnt from each other, says Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is very excited about Love Story 2050 in which she's paired opposite good friend Harman Baweja.
None | By Subhash K Jha, Mumbai
UPDATED ON OCT 05, 2007 08:38 PM IST

Priyanka Chopra is gearing up for the release of three of her films. But she is especially excited about Love Story 2050 in which she stars alongside her good friend Harman Baweja.

Asked if she has put in an extra mile for the movie, she said: "Oh, I put in lots of extra miles in all my roles. For the first time in Indian cinema you'll see the concept of time travel. And working with robots was very cool. Love Story 2050 is very Indian and at the same time very futuristic."

Harman says Priyanka helped him with his scenes.

"Well, yes," concedes Priyanka. "Being a senior I gave him whatever support I could. But let me tell you, if I'm more experienced in front of the camera he's far more experienced behind the camera. He has been part of the movie-making process assisting his dad for almost 15 years. So I guess we both learnt from each other."

Initially, Priyanka was apprehensive about how well she would match Harman on screen. "I've known Harman for a very long time. He knows so much about cinema. But he was completely raw to acting. So I wanted to do my best to make him feel comfortable. I remember how helpful everyone was when I did my first film The Hero."

When asked if her father was cutting a music album, Priyanka said it had been in the pipeline for a long time.

"He has been working on it for a long time. Then he fell ill. And the album went on the backburner. I'd love to be part of it, though I don't think I'll sing in it," she said.

Priyanka loves to sing and would some day like to cut her own album. "But I don't think I'm ready for it yet. Singing professionally would require a lot more practice than I can muster right now. Right now I'd rather focus on my career," the actress said.

Priyanka has three releases coming up. "I've Drona, Love Story 2050 and God Tussi Great Ho coming up. The third would probably be my first release now. Salman and I make a great pair. And he's so funny in the film. The chemistry between Salman and Sohail is so fantastic," she said.

Both Drona and Love Story 2050 have loads of special effects. "But while Drona is a super-hero film, Love Story 2050 is basically a love story. Both have been fun to shoot in different ways. I had to sport two different looks in LoveStory. I've been in fantasy-spectacles before. Krissh and Don belong to that genre. It's not as if I'm choosing these spectacles. What I look for are projects beyond the conventional," she said.

Priyanka is hoping the three releases this year will take her career further. "I may have had some hiccups lately. But on the whole I think I'm on the right track."

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