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A snapshot of the current thinking in medicine, fitness and lifestyle trends that impact your life.

india Updated: Jun 01, 2013 23:30 IST
Hindustan Times

.Dance: a new hope for Parkinson’s patients
People with Parkinson’s disease can increase mobility through dancing, shows a new study. They can have their pick of any form as all are equally beneficial.
Parkinson’s disease causes muscle rigidity and tremours, making it difficult for sufferers to move in a coordinated way. Dancing improved mobility & allowed people to move more freely, reducing the number of falls in people with Parkinson’s disease.Apart from reducing symptoms, it also increased wellbeing, happiness among patients, making it an effective therapy. It also provided substantial relief for the care givers, who are under constant pressure.

Breastfeeding lowers mom’s blood pressure
Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby; it also has health benefits for moms! Breastfeeding lowers a mother's odds of developing high blood pressure even decades later, a new study has found. Researchers from the University of Western Sydney School Of Medicine found the longer a woman breastfed, the lower her odds of developing high blood pressure before the age of 64. Women should be encouraged to breastfeed as long as possible as the protective effect of breastfeeding increases with the length of time breastfeeding. The reason possible is that hormones released while breastfeeding provide long term benefits to the mother’s cardiovascular system. Current WHO recommendations encourage breastfeeding for a minimum of six months per child.

Chronic pain makes people anxious
Chronic pain for over three months could lead to anxiety disorders, reports a new study, which also recommends people with chronic pain be evaluated for anxiety disorders. The pain-sufferer could have any of the five common anxiety disorders: generalised anxiety (persistent worries); panic (sudden, repeated attacks of fear); social anxiety (overwhelming anxiety in everyday social interactions); post-traumatic stress (repeated feeling of danger after a stressful event); and obsessive-compulsive disorder (repeated thoughts or rituals that interfere with daily life).

So far, there has been little emphasis on anxiety, though it is well established that depression is common in patients with moderate to severe chronic joint or back pain for at least three months despite trying pain medications.

Probiotics in yoghurt boost mood
Probiotics found in natural yogurt could help boost a person’s mood because they affect brain function. People who eat probiotic yoghurt twice daily for a month show altered brain function, both in resting brain activity and in response to an ‘emotional attention task’, designed to monitor how the brain responded to certain emotions. It has also been known that the brain sends signals to the gut (stomach), which is why stress and other emotions can contribute to gastrointestinal symptoms.Specific probiotic strains in yogurt could have health benefits such as relieving anxiety, stress, and other mood symptoms over time.

Childhood bully may harm in adolescence
Bullying at a young age is not a harmless rite of passage. According to a recent study, childhood bullying could increase the risk of self-harm among individuals during their adolescent years. Bullying could be anything from name calling to more physical acts of abuse.

Self-harm behaviours — smoking, drug and alcohol abuse etc — may stem from a desire to relieve tension or communicate stress, and in extreme cases, may prompt a victim to consider suicide. Not ignoring a bullying problem and beginning counselling in childhood will help a child avoid risk-taking behaviours, reports the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

First Published: Jun 01, 2013 23:26 IST