Hearing and believing

Updated on Feb 08, 2008 02:15 PM IST
Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt on his relationship with his daughter and how she has reacted to the rash of rumours in his life.
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Hindustan Times | ByVikram Bhatt, Mumbai

I've come to the conclusion that truth is relative, there's nothing called the ‘absolute truth'. The only truth these days is ‘perception'. It's not what you are but what people think of you. It's not good or bad people but good and bad public postures. People are like products. Good advertising and public relations, and you're like a shining example of existence.

Let truth be damned!
I've never really bothered about people's perception of me. They've labelled me many things. I haven't been loyal to many of these labels, but last week something happened that broke my heart.

Others' perception
I realised another truth about perception is, how people who love you have to deal with others' perception of you.

How much pain they have to go through, because they know the ‘real you' but have to deal with this ‘people's perception'. This has something to do with my daughter.

Recently the media reported that my relationship with Ameesha Patel failed because I wouldn't commit to marriage, because my daughter wouldn't let me marry any one. This report hurt my daughter immensely .

I realised that this was her first taste of the ‘perception syndrome'. She was reported as someone she wasn't and she couldn't deal with it. She cried to me over the phone and asked me if she had ever come in the way of me marrying someone?

Nonsensical writing
I explained to her that people write nonsense and it doesn't mean anything. It didn't mean that she was like that. It didn't matter as long as both of us knew the truth. But she's young, just 13. Other people's perception matters to her. This piece is for her.

She has suffered silently on the altar of my reckless decisions in my personal life. She has never demanded anything from me. Nor has she ever stood in my path or asked me to abandon any one or anything.

Facing the world
Soon she will learn that one man's tragedy is another man's entertainment. It's how the world was glued to the CNN channel during the Gulf tragedy.

Soon she'll learn that being known is to be known for everything.

The other day she told me that she wants to become very famous. I wonder if she's ready for the tags that will be given to her and if she will be able to take them with a pinch of salt. I wonder if she has the strength to face a world for whom her personal life will be fodder for gossip and where her pain will become a part of the entertainment section of newspapers.

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