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Housewives skip lunch, lovers cancel dates

Can't really say if Salman's career is doomed or not as all his fans still stand by him, finds Vibhuti Agarwal.

india Updated: Apr 10, 2006 18:42 IST
Vibhuti Agarwal (
Vibhuti Agarwal (

The Jehangir of Jodhpur listened to the musings of the chinkara, slaughtered 8 years ago, and the culprit -- the boy of Bollywood -- was shown the gate that led to five years of imprisonment in the royal city of Rajasthan.

A father sends an SMS to his daughter, describing the sad plight of her mom.

"Chinkara dead takes its revenge on Didi Tera Devar. Didi is your mamma. She might miss her lunch today."

The 'sad' news has sent the nation in total disarray. Housewives decided to protest by skipping lunch, students bunked classes, and heart-broken girls cancelled their dates only to side with their favourite Bollywood hunk.

"I really feel sorry for Salman. So many people commit such heinous crimes in broad daylight, but go scot-free. Why only Salman has to go through the trauma? All I can say is even animals, when they cry for justice from their graves, are heard of by humankind," says Madhoo Agarwal, a housewife and an ardent fan of the Bollywood star.

Now that we have heard the verdict, there are some who believe that too many politicians are involved who want to cash in on this matter through media.

Says, Aprajita, "Instead of justice being meted out, it's more of a show-off on the part of the Indian Judiciary. They simply want to prove that even the celebrities are not spared, if they commit a crime. So many human lives are lost everyday, but nobody is even bothered. The jail sentence is justified under the Wildlife Protection Act. But deep down, everybody knows that Salman is going to be out soon."

Others strongly believe that the actor has simply been made a scapegoat in the entire issue.

A renowned journalist is of the view that it's almost like punishing the actor a second time. "The whole problem is that it took so much time for the judgment to come. There should not be another five years sentence for him this time. On the face of it, he committed a crime and been punished for it. But the sentence should not go beyond six months."

Will the fame, name and money play the trick and get the superstar out of the jail soon?

Ayesha Taneja, a 14-year-old schoolgirl was heart-broken after hearing the news.

"If Nehru can write from jail, why can't Salman act from there? Inmates must be cackling in glee at the thought of popping and locking Salman and sharing their cellblocks with him," says Ayesha.

Can't really say whether Salman's career is doomed or not as the entire nation is his loyalist despite whatever he does.

"If Jessica's murderers can go scot free, why not Salman? Just because he's a big star, everybody is behind him," expresses Rashi Chadha, an architect.

What seems is that the dead stag has taken its revenge and the law of the land has established its supremacy - Salman not being apart.

First Published: Apr 10, 2006 17:49 IST