How futile brawling really is..
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How futile brawling really is..

I’m super kicked to be sharing a fresh new experience with you guys, an experience that incidentally involved a lot of kicking, among other things., Rannvijay tells us...

india Updated: Jun 15, 2009 20:09 IST
Rannvijay column
Rannvijay column
Hindustan Times

I’m super kicked to be sharing a fresh new experience with you guys, an experience that incidentally involved a lot of kicking.. amongst other things. I’m talking about the action sequence I’ve been shooting for a film.

If you guys have thought it’s all just a breeze with a couple of dishum-dishums thrown in for effect, let me tell you —

I’ve had beer bottles smashed on my head, I’ve been thrown at car bonnets and I’ve been swinging in the air for the past couple of days.. and it’s been anything but a breeze.

My body is hurting and this fake blood that we have to use is a pain to get rid of. The saving grace is that there was no
actual contact between me and the other fighters in the scene or I can confidently say I would’ve been in trouble!

This reminds me of a fight I got into not long after completing my third year of college. I was at Sahara Mall when a friend told me that one of my friends, Aditya, who I had known since class XI, was being beaten up outside. I rushed to find him getting kicked be around 10-15 guys, and impulsively I plunged into the fight.

Even though I managed to get Aditya out of there, I got royally hammered and badly injured near my eye. As one of my friends rushed me to the hospital, I could see (with one eye) the roadside signboards pass by: ‘Jaipur 220kms, Jaipur 218kms’!

In his bid to rush me to the hospital, my friend had taken a wrong turn and was taking me to Jaipur instead of Delhi. Fortunately, we managed to take a U-turn and headed to the Army hospital where I got a couple of stitches.

There wouldn’t have been a moral to the story if I hadn’t found out that my friend was incidentally fighting for someone else and when I finally sat down to think about why I had gotten into such a ruckus, it all seemed rather futile to me.

That’s true of most of our fights in college, isn’t it? Nobody knows who we’re fighting or what we are fighting for! If you guys think about it, you’ll all realise, just like I did, how futile brawling really is..

First Published: Jun 15, 2009 20:06 IST