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How to be a responsible drinker

Alcohol affects us all, but all our bodies do not react in the same way. Here's how to be a responsible drinker.

india Updated: Nov 04, 2011 01:45 IST
Hindustan Times

Be a responsible drinker


Bodily reaction

: Alcohol affects us all, but all our bodies do not react in the same way. For instance, women’s bodies react to alcohol differently than men’s do. So, calculate how much you can take without going overboard. Also, do not experiment with your limits if you are at a new place and not with your friends.


Drinking precautions

: Drink alcohol on full stomach to prevent a hangover. If you still get drunk, have plenty of water get rid of it.


Do not overdo

: Risk of developing a cancer is proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed, so even if you love drinking, drink in limited quantities. If you are a mild drinker, stick to being so and do not give up under peer pressure. If you drink only on social occasions, do not try and make it into a daily habit.


Do not get dependent

: Regular drinking can make you an addict. Alcoholism can be chronic, characterised by physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. So, set limits for yourself.


Benefits of drinking

: Moderate drinking benefits the heart and the cardiovascular system. It is also linked to lower risk of bladder, kidney, ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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First Published: Nov 03, 2011 19:01 IST