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How to deal with heartbreak

Cry: Cry a lot until you pour out your feelings.

india Updated: Aug 19, 2010 02:27 IST
Hindustan Times

1.Cry: Cry a lot until you pour out your feelings. There’s nothing wrong with crying. After crying, you will notice something has been released. Hurt and pain cannot be erased by just an instant of sobbing, but it is the first step to mending a broken-heart.

2.Recall: Think of all the times you had together- good or bad. Don’t force yourself to forget her/him at once. It will take time, like memories. They will flow in your mind, and diminish automatically.

3. Talk: Go out and talk to somebody, either your friends, your parents or even your pet. Call up a friend you have not spoken to for a long time. Talking helps. Dogs and cats can understand; in fact, they are great listeners.

4. Stay away: Do not attempt to call your ex. It only prolongs the heartache and it can never help you recover. Talking to your ex will only drive you crazy, because there will be instances of confrontation and screaming. You wouldn’t want to know hat else your ex did behind your back.

5. Restart: After you feel lighter, plan something different. Go shopping, dance with a friend, and slowly but surely, you let it go, bringing back the joy. Living a happy life again. And then you can tell the whole world that you were suffering from a broken heart but recovered from the agony.

First Published: Aug 18, 2010 16:28 IST