How to Stop Anna Hazare Permanently

Is it really worth all this trouble for someone to subdue a 70+ Year old man who has decided to act out against the corrupt by not eating? For once, the Fake Jhunjhunala is in a speculative mood.

india Updated: Aug 20, 2011 14:13 IST
Fake Jhunjhunala
Fake Jhunjhunala
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It's surprising how Governments are scared of Old Men who fast. 65 years ago one man Fasted and spooked the British. His name was MK Gandhi. Today there is another Old Man who is Fasting and his fast has spooked the government in the same way. Of course he isn't a Gandhi but Anna Hazare's ability to cause a headache to the government whenever he decides to stop eating is pretty cool!

As someone who has undertaken Many Fasts in his lifetime most often during the time interval between Breakfast and Lunch, I am an expert on Hunger Strikes. One has to simply appreciate the method. The act of sacrificing feeding oneself for a greater cause is a noble one and peaceful but it can also be deadly effective.

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Infants do it all the time but we don't call it a FAST, When infants refuse to eat we call it - 'A FUSS'

Similarly, when toddlers and young kids do it - It's called a 'TEMPER TANTRUM'

When teenagers do it - it's called 'GETTING IN SHAPE'

When Adults do it -It's called 'DIETING'

When the poor do it - It's called 'STARVATION'

When the rich do it - It's called 'SETTING AN EXAMPLE'

Anna's fast meanwhile is a different idea because it makes an attempt to move against Corruption.

And that's where the troubles begin because when corruption is involved so are the politicians. Where you have politicians you have politics and where you have politics, you have general mass infecting CLUSTERF***ERY, Just like I blogged here sometime back.

Anna's fast started as an IDEA and became an EVENT. By not doing much to solve the problem, the government made the event a PROTEST. By arresting Anna and putting him in Tihar they've turned it from a protest to a MOVEMENT even if it's a small one still. The TV Media meanwhile have converted the Movement into a TAMASHA.

Is it really worth all this trouble for someone to subdue a 70+ Year old man who has decided to act out against the corrupt by not eating?

I have a solution for the Government - if you want to get rid of Anna Hazare permanently then address the Protest - CORRUPTION, not the Protester - ANNA HAZARE.

The Fake Jhunjhunwala is the parody writer of the popular blog 'The Secret Journal Of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala'. He likes counting money. He is a big fan of Samosas, Ice Cream, Pav Bhaji, Pizza, Garlic Bread and Beer.

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First Published: Aug 17, 2011 12:23 IST