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'I feel betrayed in love'

There's a girl whom I used to love a lot. When we were dating, sex became a daily affair. Then I went overseas to work and she started losing interest in me. Now, she is married but...

india Updated: May 08, 2006 18:36 IST


'I feel betrayed in love'

There's a girl whom I used to love a lot. When we were dating, sex became a daily affair. Then I went overseas to work and she started losing interest in me. We still enjoy a lot on my visits. As she did not agree for marriage, for her sake, I kept distance with the hope that she will marry someone else. She used to tell me that if she got married, I needed to give her a child. Last month, she got married to a US guy. Currently, she is alone in India, waiting for her visa. Recently, I apologised for entering her life but the reply she gave me was shocking and disturbed me a lot. She said that after I left she started dating some other guy and they also had sexual relations. She did not want to marry him because he knew her past. Now she says, she likes her husband, but would love to have an affair with me till her husband takes her to the US. I am unable to tolerate this and feel like dying. It's killing me. How can come out of this?


I am losing sexual powers

I am 24-years-old. I have been masturbating from last seven years. Few days back, I had sex for the first time but erected within 3-4 seconds. Later, it took me hours to get another orgasm. I feel sorry for myself. I am losing my powers and feel exhausted. What should I do?


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'I have foot fetish'

I have an obsession for beautiful women, especially their toes and I think I have had it since childhood. I have an excellent relationship with my sister-in-law and I would press her feet whenever she needed it. After much hesitation, I asked her to let me kiss her toes that she agreed upon. Thereafter, I have also licked them many times and she has also allowed me to wash her feet, drink and eat from them! While she is very understanding and I enjoy this very much, I think it may not be good in the long run. Please advise how to overcome this.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
 Your 'Bhabhi' while enjoying toe massage and all the other foot games both of you have been at, never realized that she is harming your sexuality by indulging you. Your wife is certainly going to find it weird. No one can predict her reaction to it but one thing is certain that women do not respect men with weird sexual appetites. You will have to wean yourself off from this habit. It should not be difficult, as now you are an adult and realize the futility of foot fetish.


Size does matter!

I am a 32-year-old unmarried lady. My problem is that my breast size is not equal. One is bigger than the other. It looks very absurd. It gets embarrassing when I wear fitted clothes. Is there a solution to this, like exercise or any medicines that can help me look better?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
One bad sexual experience, especially the very first one should not be disheartening. There are so many adverse psychological factors at work to cause this fiasco. Some commonly known factors are - fear of being caught, guilt feelings, fear of failure, fear of contacting STD, HIV etc. One should see a doctor for erectile disorders when they are persistent or frequent. There is nothing to worry for, so long as you are performing satisfactorily during masturbation and you should refrain yourself from experimenting with sex in unsafe situations.


First Published: May 08, 2006 18:36 IST