'I'll pay for bad karma'
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'I'll pay for bad karma'

My wrong deeds will bounce back to me someday and that?s why I keep myself firmly planted on the ground, says model-turned-actor Zulfi Syed.

india Updated: Nov 05, 2003 14:45 IST
As told to Natasha Grover
As told to Natasha Grover

I have never had a one-to-one with God. It’s just too awkward for me to think of Him as an entity I can talk to. But my belief in God is absolute. No one has seen Him but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. I read the Namaz daily at a specific time. Once a day is imperative and I can never give it a miss on Fridays. I read the Holy Quran whenever I’m feeling lonely, but there’s never a time when I have taken the liberty of getting too personal with Him.

When a crisis befalls me or bad times plague me, He’s my only resort. That’s when the dua comes in handy, these Arabic mantras are the best way to cool off the tension. Also a simple reading of Namaz gives me instant solace during such times.

Indian festivals fascinate me. Diwali holds a special place in my heart and as of now I am looking forward to the Eid that is due once the ramazan period ends. I religiously keep my rozas and then freak out during the iftar parties.

I am a firm believer in destiny, but I don’t think that it dictates all our actions. I guess we need to mould it in our way. My religious philosophy is that God will think about me only if I think about Him. So, while He’s delineated the basic course of my life, it’s my hard work that is responsible for the name and fame I’ve earned. Life has taught me a lot. When I first migrated from Bangalore to Mumbai, I was apprehensive about staying alone and that’s when He became my caretaker; that’s when I totally surrendered to him.

Life keeps oscillating between joys and sorrows. So, being good to people comes inherently to me. My wrong deeds will bounce back to me someday and in any which way, and that’s why I keep myself firmly planted on the ground.

First Published: Nov 03, 2003 12:18 IST