I look hot, not vulgar: Nisha Kothari
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I look hot, not vulgar: Nisha Kothari

Nisha says she loves to look glamorous. Johnny D has the details.

india Updated: Apr 22, 2006 20:22 IST

Cute, bubbly and vivacious - that is Nisha Kothari for you. Nishais definitely Ram Gopal Varma's blue-eyed girl.Nisha talks about her relationship with her mentor director in an exclusive tête-à-tête:

What made you accept the item songs in Darna Zaroori Hai after Mallika Sherawat refused it?
It is true that Mallika Sherawat was initially offered the item songs in Darna Zaroori Hai as per the reports. However, many a times, roles are offered to other stars and ultimately someone else ends up doing it. Initially, the item songs were just for the promos. Ramu offered me and I didn't find any reason to refuse such a tempting offer. I am a newcomer who would want that people should watch my talent. I am a very passionate actress, who wants to excel with each film. This is the profession I choose to be in and I wonder what is the harm in doing item songs? I strongly believe the more films I get to show my talent in, the better my prospects would be.

So are you open for item songs?
Depends! Darna Zaroori Hai has a huge star cast and, on top of it, the banner of Ramu sir? If I am offered similar opportunity by other filmmakers, I would be happy. I am doing a solo song in the beginning of the film. There is another song with Mohit Ahlawat, who was my hero in James. People who have seen the promos or songs have really given me a positive feedback and I am happy that I did those songs. I will not do item songs only for the heck of it.

Did Ramu take a great deal to convince you to do the song because he has cast you in his earlier films?
On the contrary, it is Ramu sir's greatness that he offered me this role. He made me hear the songs and explained how he would shoot it. I strongly believe, and the industry will agree with me, that a person like Ramu sir doesn't need to convince anybody today.

You are held as Ramu's blue-eyed girl, who has replaced Antara Mali.
I am working with Ramu sir just like any other star. Many filmmakers have repeated their heroines earlier and so has Ramu sir.

Any particular incident that made interesting anecdotes while shooting for Darna Zaroori Hai?
I had to work really hard to give those scary expressions. While dancing, once I was so much into the groove that I just grabbed my fellow dancer's neck, He too got scared and choked. Almost everyone laughed including Ramu sir. Another time, while dancing I lost my balance and fell down inside the coffin. It was really funny.

Were you scared while shooting in the graveyard?
No. The graveyard was after all a set. In fact, whenever I watch scary movies, I end up laughing because I don't believe in ghosts.

Is it tough working with Ramu?
Rather, it is easy to work with a person like Ramu sir. He gives you so much freedom that it automatically builds your self-confidence. At the same time, it is tough because he is just a brilliant director who knows his profession too well and is a passionate man. So, at times you can get intimidated.

Urmila and Antara Mali have walked out from Ramu's camp. When do we see Nisha Kothari doing films with other banners?
I can only talk about myself. I am here to work and excel as an actress. You will be happy to know that my next release after James is Mukesh & Mahesh Bhatt's Killer. Apart from doing various films like Shiva, Go and Zabardast with Ramu sir, you will soon see me working with other reputed banners as well. I would like to talk about them when the films will go on floors.

How do your parents react to your hot image? Are you comfortable being touted as the next hot thing?
My parents have been very supportive ever since my childhood. I used to love wearing shorts and skimpy dresses when I was a kid. I love to look glamorous and you will agree with me, I look hot, not vulgar. I work seven days a week to keep my body fit. I am in a profession where I have to look hot and glamorous all the time. I am happy that audience loves my hot image (smiles).

Are you open to kissing on screen?
Honestly speaking, I am not yet ready for such an act. I am gradually learning and do feel nervous many a times, just like a kid who is treads his path very carefully.

First Published: Apr 23, 2006 23:00 IST