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Nov 16, 2004 02:39 PM IST

I am a marketing professional but have a much lesser job...Post your query

My query is about my future as in career prospects and peace and happiness. I am a marketing professional but have a much lesser job.
Date of birth: Feb 26, 1966
New Delhi, india
mallika, New Delhi
A: As per Chinese calendar your year of birth is 1965. This makes your Pa Kua number 7. Sleep with your head in Northwest and also sit facing this direction for success. For complete Feng Shui suggestions you may consult me directly by writing to or visiting

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Q: Hello Mohan Deep,
I came across your webpage and could not help reading the contents.  I have a paper machier with Lord Krishna on the chariot teaching Arjun.  The paper machier is hung in my kitchen over the window.  From your webpage, this picture could be the cause of disharmony or quarrels in the house.  If that is the case, how can I dispose the picture?  I live in the United States and it is hard to find a river or ocean to dispose the picture.  Can I give it away to Salvation Army or Charity?  

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Also, do you come to the US for consultations at all?  Thank you for your time and help.  
(Name withheld on request)
A: It is always a pleasure to hear from an Indian settled abroad.

Please do not give this piece in charity. Charity is to benefit the others. You can wrap it up for the time being and then give it to anyone who can immerse it in sea, river or any water body.
The people living in the states as well as in UK etc have usually opted for off-site consultation. There are a couple of proposals to visit New York and New Jersey but I am not sure whether I will be able to come in the near future. 
Q: Dear Sir,
In the archives under the subject "Lampshade in Money corner and a filmmaker" I can see these lines. 
"The lampshade was red and thus clashed with the element necessary to augment the Money corner: water. Red represents Fire and clashes with Water. 
The element to augment Money corner or Wealth & Fortune corner is WOOD if I am not wrong.

Dilip Kumar (GE Consumer & Industrial, consultant; Date of birth: Sep 11
Time of birth: 18:39:03
A: Dear Dilip Kumar,
You are not wrong. Wood certainly rules the wealth corner but water has a positive relationship with wood. For the growth of (money) tree you need to add water here. Placing Fire here can cause problems.

(Mohan Deep, a renowned authority on Feng Shui, based in Mumbai, answers your questions in this weekly column. He has been traveling to personally visit various premises to give Feng Shui advice and also gives off-site Feng Shui advice on floor plans by e-mail or post. He has a website (Http:// exclusively devoted to Feng Shui.
For a more detailed and complete professional consultation you can email him at  His postal address: Mohan Deep 222 Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053. Telephone numbers: (off) 91-22-26367999/ (Res) 91-22-56997992)

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