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If I were PM

Sashi Bhushan Purohit, Lawyer, OrissaI would ensure uniform education and healthcare system throughout the country. On the financial crisis, I would stop the MPLAD and MLALAD fund allocations because most of the MPs and MLAs have used them to further their vested interests, rather than ushering in development.

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Sanjaya Mishra, Social activist, Bolangir in Orissa

My priority would be to remove poverty, malnutrition and child labour and checking migration from rural to urban areas. I would take steps to prevent destruction of water bodies and forest. We have the concept of village forest. I would introduce the concept of urban forest, which will go a long way in urban planning.

Swarna, Undergraduate student, Patna

My priority would be welfare work, especially for poor children. It will help us make our country free from child labour and every child will be assured proper food, shelter and education. My next concern is the safety of women. Women’s exploitation of any kind should be stopped at any cost. And, lastly, I would focus on improving the basic schooling system.

Azeesa Kani, Senior Executive,

My one and only priority will be to serve the people, and not just focus on upper class. We need to improve the living conditions of the poor with better education. If education system — it’s very costly– is improved, then the country will improve. We also need to improve the transport facilities we offer to tourists coming to our country from abroad.

Shankari, Management Trainee, Chennai

I would go for an American-type Presidential form of governance. Have a strong man at the top, have a good and talented team behind you and single handedly solve the issues before India. Have a good team and an inspirational figure like Barack Obama. Once we have this, everything else will fall into place.

Saikat Mukherjee, MBA aspirant

My priority would be industrial development. I would strengthen the health and education sectors, else we cannot call ourselves civilised. I would reduce the economic dependency on other countries, encourage national firms and help them become competent. I would maintain good relations with foreign countries and look to bring in investments.

Malolene, MBA student, Bangalore

I would introduce a two-party system because more parties mean more confusion and corruption. To do cut corruption, I would demonetise Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 and introduce plastic cards for all transactions. Payments above Rs 5,000 must be made through cheques or plastic cards. I would make military training compulsory for youth below 21.

Siddhartha Shankar Mishra, Legal practitioner, Sambalpur, Orissa

Millions do not even have enough to eat. They need food. Those who have something to eat, do not have houses to live in. They need houses. Providing food and shelter would be my first priority. I would like to substantially increase the budget for education. If we remove illiteracy, India can achieve most of its goals.

Nishith Thakur, Brand Manager, Raipur

I would do an Anil Kapoor of the movie Nayak. I believe all he did as a “one-day chief minister” was right — making officials in the ministry and bureaucracy responsible, tackling cause of corruption and eradicating it, cutting expenses on security for politicians, developing a system to encourage transparent dealing.

Subhojit Sarkar, Student of history

My job would be to deal with corruption, crime, terrorism and unemployment. These are the issues that need to be taken care off immediately. Transparent laws and systematic structure should be there for the common man. Each & every politicians should be accountable to the public, even the prime minister himself.

Varun Verma, Engineering student, Dehra Dun

My priority would be to tackle corruption. I would impose strict punishment for those indulging in corruption in any government department and that is the best way to uproot this menace from our country. Besides, I would get houses constructed and give them to the homeless, who live on streets and pavements, for free.

PK Sreenivasan, Student of Computer Applications, Chennai

I would first discharge my duties without fear or favour. It is a big achievement in itself if one can first do one’s duty properly. I would ensure public safety. I would improve our education system, so that students don’t need to go abroad. Lastly, I would like to see all government offices function punctually.

Ananya Sridhar Rautela, Student, DAV (PG) College, Dehradun

I would make long, multi-laned, pothole-free roads all over the country with big shady trees on both the sides. I would also raise the standards of government schools by providing latest technology and modern facilities to them. Change of attitude towards government educational institutes is needed.

R Siva, Sales engineer, Chennai

Tackling the recession would be my priority and it would be done through the right policies. As outsourcing of jobs in the IT sector is now under threat and lots of people are losing jobs, I would do something to ensure that outsourcing is not affected. Next, I would focus on rapidly improving literacy levels, particularly in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Sreetoma Bose, Animation student

First on my agenda would be to abolish discrimination on grounds of religion, gender or economic status. Steps will be taken to ensure everyone is provided with shelter, food, drinking water, education and medication. Eradicating unemployment would be another target. There’d be a retirement age for politicians and qualifications to enter politics.

Praveen Kumar, Animation student, Thiruvananthapuram

We don’t need hundreds of political parties. I will take initiatives to highlight smaller parties, especially those that represent interest groups and make our democracy more vibrant. Fresh laws will be made to block the entry of criminals into politics. An exclusive ministry will be floated for youth and it will be entrusted in the hands of young, dynamic ministers.

Partho Pratim Roy, Service sector

My priority would be to create jobs, and for that I would invest a large amount of money to develope infrastructure. I would make government officials accountable by setting up a task force that will look into their daily affairs. I want to invest in the healthcare system, mostly in the rural sector; make hospitals for the poor where they can receive free treatment.

Dinesh Mishra, Ophthalmologist

Education and Health sectors would remain my priorities.Cheap and easy access to health facilities should be within reach of every Indian. Streamlining of PDS is a must, cutting down excessive expenditure on government establishments, precedence to security of common man rather than VIP/VVIP protection are the other areas I would look into.

K Nagaraj, Publisher in Chennai

I would first address farmers’ problems, as they are the worst affected by recession. I would reduce input costs for farmers, eliminate middlemen and put more cash in the hands of farmers. My next step would be to clean up the mess in the education system, and simultaneously work on improving rural housing and health.

Sneha Negi, Student, Dehradun

I would tackle corruption by taking stricter action both against those who bribe and those who accept the bribe. I’d also do much more for education for the poor, girls and people in rural areas. Job reservations would be based on merit and not caste or creed. I would take steps to abolish child labour and provide free basic amenities to the BPL population.

Anto Subash, Final year student, Chennai

My priority would be to strengthen our defence. I will then focus on improving our infrastructure — roads, power or ports. Third on my list will be to address farmers’ problems. I will also tone up our higher education system and see that the strength of the IT sector is not just based on outsourcing but on our inherent creative capabilities.

Debolina Chakraborty, MA student, Calcutta University

I will utilise my power to the fullest extent to eradicate everything that does not make our society the best place to live — terrorism, child labour, illiteracy, religious issues and killing the girl child. It is not an easy task but it’s high time these issues were seriously dealt with. I want to make my country a dream place to live in.

First Published: Mar 19, 2009 03:16 IST