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Imran Khan takes a break after hectic schedule

The actor, though, is not exactly lazing around at his pad all day either. He’s spending the break constructively.. by working out at the neighbourhood gym for a couple of hours every day.

india Updated: Apr 29, 2009 21:20 IST
Hindustan Times


No time to dance

Hiya my juicy gumdrops. I don’t want to hear even an alphabet about cricket any more.. or I’m going to really S-C-R-E-A-M. So I’ve barred Vyjjy’s number on my mobile, lest he hounds me to join him for a yet another weekend in South Africa. Ahem, never mind.. enough about me for now. There’s so much happening in movie town that I can’t wait to get started with your dose of daily goss.

I had completely forgotten about the year’s award ceremonies, when an informer dropped in to tell me about IIFA. At first I thought he meant FIFA, the World Cup Football that takes place once in every four years. I reminded him that it’s happening next year in South Africa. But he reiterated that it’s a film award initiated by India International Film Academy (IIFA).. and that’s when I remembered.

So before I digress any further, let me tell you that Ranbir Kapoor won’t be seen performing for this award ceremony, scheduled to take place in Macau on June 13. Kyun? Not that he wasn’t approached.. but according to my informer, Ranboo had even confirmed to perform on stage.

To phir kya hua? I’m told, a couple of days later, Ranboo changed his mind.. and now the IIFA awardwallas are looking for a replacement. Khabru tried calling his sahelis in the organisation, but they seemed clueless about Kapoor even doing an act for the award ceremony.

Really, I’m so amazed that some of the inside people don’t know things that the whole world knows. Anyway, does it look like I care?

But surely, such ignorance is not at all blissful, I tell you.

Working in, working out
Oi oi.. look who’s chilling out at home these days, wonders my Rapchik Rajni.. and herself proceeds to answer, ‘Imran Khan’. Seems he’s taking it easy after wrapping up mama Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly and Soham Shah’s Luck, in which he’s doing some dhaansu stuntbaazi, I’m told.

But no, he’s not exactly lazing around at his pad all day either. He’s spending the break constructively.. by working out at the neighbourhood gym for a couple of hours every day.

Yeah, just like mamaji Aamir toiled to build his famous eight-pack, Imran is building up for his second film with Sanjay Gadhvi. Never mind if Kidnap, their first together, tanked at the ticket windows.. they’re pretty confident of their next, a pacy action thriller this time. Hmm, hope is the key word. No?

Sahelis once again
Now a jasoos from Juhu wants to give me sum gupshup about star wives. He was sipping a mocha at a café all by himself when he spotted Twinkle Khanna and Tanya Deol saunter in.. looking radiant as never before. Hmm.

Khair, point is that Tina and Tanya appeared to be getting along so well that my sleuth wondered whether a silent phase ever existed. Huh?

He tells me that there was a time when Tina and Tanya apparently had some differences.. due to which they weren’t really talking to each other so much. But a period of time and bumping into each other at social dos ensured that they just bury the issues and get buddy buddy once again.

Now, I’m not so old either to know if something happened and what exactly it was.. but as long as Tanya and Tina are great sahelis, how does anything else matter?

Spa-cial day out
Aah, just what I need to beat this heat. Madhu my Mottu Maid has sauntered in with my blackcurrant iced tea.. and an item on Neetu Chandra. I think I must ground her before she gives me any more tidbits on the chhota, but more mota (literally) types.

Seems Neetu had been so busy shooting for Ram Gopal Varma’s Rann and Jagmohan Mundra’s Apartment.. that she didn’t really get enough time to rest. More so after her one-day visit at the hospital about a week ago.

So she checked into some spa in Juhu the other morning at 10 a m.. and it wasn’t until 7 p m that she stepped out, looking rejuvenated.. after spending the entire day trying a plethora of treatments. I just hope the effect hasn’t worn out by now.
Tsk tsk.

Out with the guys
What is this my dahlings? Seems my day is full of these movie town folks sipping coffees and lunching and dining. Now, my Mottu Maid wants to tell me about Monica Bedi’s dinner outing couple of nights ago. Can my day get any worse?

Anyway, so Monica was dining at some place called The Dhaba in Oshiwara with her group of friends. And they were all guys, Motu adds, stressing that there was not a single girl along with Monica and company.

Mots tells me that none of the guys looked even the slightly happening type.. but they all had eyes only for Ms Bedi, who was wearing her favourite animal print top over faded jeans.

Really now! As if Mottu was expecting to see Monica in a Versace gown. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Apr 29, 2009 20:32 IST