'In love with a married woman'

I am an unmarried guy. I am involved with a married woman. She has kids and does not want to opt for divorce but I'll marry her if she takes the "step". Being without each other is tough.

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'In love with a married woman'

I am a 30-year-old unmarried guy living alone in the US. Recently, I got involved with a married woman and now the emotions are very high on both sides. The issue is she has kids and she does not want to opt for divorce although I have told her that I'll marry her if she takes the "step" but whenever we try to cut contact with each other the restlessness and longing for each other increases. We both know that cannot go on forever but right now it seems that being without each other is tough. Please let me know that if we go to a psychiatrist, would that help in controlling our emotions or is there any other solution that can help? Please suggest.


No relation without sex?

I have been with the same woman for about eight years. We had amazing sex for the first five years. Then suddenly she started experiencing pain within 10 minutes of intercourse. I am well endowed but the pain did not happen during the first five years. When it first started happening, a hemorrhoid-like swelling would develop at the base of the vagina. She is unable to enjoy sex. This is definitely not normal. What should she do and what causes this? I love her but without regular sex I cannot stay in the relationship. Please suggest a way out.


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'I dream of beautiful women'

I am a 43-year-old man, happily married with two kids. From past several months, I have been dreaming of beautiful women and when I wake up in the morning I notice that my bed is wet! Could you please let me know the reason for this? My wife has also noticed this and is asking for an explanation. Is this normal at the age of 43? Please guide.

M. Krishna

Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
 There is no upper age limit for wet dreams. It is very normal and natural for you to dream of beautiful women and have an ejaculation. No one has an authority over your dreams, not even you. Wet dreams in married men happen more often during periods of separation from wife or when frequency of sexual intercourse goes down in couples due to any reason.


Bed life issues

I have recently got married. My problem is that my husband discharges very early during intercourse. He is not able to sustain erection due to which we both feel uncomfortable. He loves me very much but is always very sad after sex, as we are not able to enjoy the climax. How can we make our sex life more pleasurable?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
It is your husband who should see a doctor for his problem of premature ejaculation and you need not feel guilty about not satisfying him as premature ejaculation is a male sexual disorder and love alone is not enough to cure it.


First Published: Apr 22, 2006 18:11 IST