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Is Harman the new Hrithik Roshan?

They look the same, dance the same, share the same height and their names begin with H. Harman is being touted as the new Hrithik. Monicca Adlakha and Minakshi Saini report.
Hindustan Times | By Monicca Adlakha and Minakshi Saini, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 05, 2008 02:15 PM IST

They look the same, dance the same, share the same height and their names begin with H.

Is it any wonder that Harman Baweja is being called the new Hrithik Roshan. The similarities do not end there. They have each been introduced to the industry by their fathers and, remarkably, Harman’s promotional shots and debut movie moves mimic Hrithik’s in a manner that makes it impossible to tell them apart.

But Harman’s not riding on the lookalike wave — he’s not too happy about being called the new Hrithik and girlfriend Priyanka has apparently made him change his wardrobe so he can be seen as his own man.

Harman’s laying the blame for this resemblance to Hrithik squarely on his parents. “If I resemble somebody, it’s not my fault. My mom and dad have done that. I have not done any plastic surgery to get those looks. I believe every newcomer will be compared [to somebody else],” he said practically.

In fact, both Harman and Priyanka seem to have coordinated their responses, saying that every newcomer faces being compared.

Priyanka has reportedly said that this is the done thing in Bollywood, pointing out that Shahid Kapur was compared to Shah Rukh, while Shah Rukh himself was compared to Dilip Kumar. But has Priyanka not noticed how many things in common Hrithik and Harman have?

Their toned but lean build, the light-coloured eyes, sharp jawlines and aquiline features? Then Harman’s launch song Milo na milo from

Love Story 2050

sounds like Hrithik’s

Dil mera har baar yeh


Kaho Na… Pyaar Hai

while his dance moves in the video look like those of Hrithik’s

Main aisa kyun hoon




The movie’s costume designer, Theia commented on the similarities: “Harman’s excellent dancing ability is another reason for him to be compared to Hrithik. We were quite surprised that they look so similar... Harman indeed looks like Hrithik.”

One person who is not able to brush off the resemblance is dad Harry Baweja who finds the comparison uncalled for.

According to him, it's not right to compare Harman to Hrithik because Hrithik is far ahead, and his son deserves the same time to prove himself. Movie double Even the promotional posters of Harman’s Love Story look like those of Hrithik’s debut

Kaho Na... Pyaar Hai


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