Jovi not to follow in Stones' footsteps

Jovi says he won't tread the same path as the sexagenarian rockers, who are still performing in gigs.

india Updated: May 30, 2006 16:26 IST

Jon Bon Jovi has vowed not to follow in the footsteps of veteran rockers The Rolling Stones, who though in their sixties, are still performing gigs all over the world.

The Have A Nice Day singer swore that he would retire from touring, the day he felt that the performances were nothing but a way to hold onto the past.

"I won't be like the Stones. You probably heard Keith (Richards) fell out of a tree a few days ago. I don't envision myself being like that. The minute that this is all nostalgia, that it's the fat guys, I'm out. Until then, I can't stop," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

First Published: May 30, 2006 13:31 IST