Karan Johar on Bachchans

For me, Amit uncle and Jaya aunty are the President and First Lady of the Indian film industry, says Karan Johar.

india Updated: May 25, 2009 15:34 IST

I’ve grown up in front of Amit uncle and Jaya aunty. as they were very close to my parents. For me, it was a matter to show off to my school mates that I knew Amitabh Bachchan. When Amit uncle was admitted to the hospital after the Coolie accident, I wrote a letter to him, praying for his recovery.

Two days later I received a personalised reply letter… signed as Amitabh Bachchan, Breach Candy Hospital. It was unbelievable and was the turning point for my popularity levels in school. The world sees them as this legendary celebrated power couple, but to me they’ve always been an extension of my family. Every Diwali, every Holi, it’s a part of our lives to be a part of their celebration.

With Jaya aunty, I have a special one-on-one connect... a maternal feeling. Not many know that Amit uncle has every bit of memorabilia from his first film, till today. He’s also very methodical and has the best collection of stylish clothes in the entire industry. I can confidently say he’s the most fashionable 65-yr-old that I know.

To me, Amit uncle and Jaya aunty seem like the President and the First Lady of the film fraternity. They have a regal aura, an iconic dignity that you can’t help but succumb to.

First Published: May 05, 2009 17:11 IST