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Lace steals show at LFW

Chantilly lace and crochet subtly tread the runway on the opening day of Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.
None | By HT Style, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 29, 2006 04:38 PM IST

Regardless of whether Manish Malhotra takes credit for counting lace and crochet among one of the trends that he’s introduced this year or not, the fact is that Chantilly lace and crochet that the film-cumfashion designer used in his collection at last year’s fashion show somehow seems to be the way things are headed … at least that’s what Day 1 of the Lakmé Fashion Week seemed to suggest.

The use of the rather opulent and not-in-your face fabrics though seems to be a part of the whole minimal ‘say no to bling’ and ‘embellishment’ look that the fashion world seems to be headed towards en masse.          

Vidah Pavate shows off a lace ensemble, a design by Deepika Gehani

Rocky S’s 'Lovely Lolitas' collection at the Lakmé India Fashion week was an example of the same.

And while the designer’s use of coloured lace in fish cut skirts, lace accents on leather jackets and glitter embellishments on lace tops may have rubbed trend forecasters the other way when it came to giving an overdose of glitter, the one thing that the designer seemed to be on the right track was the lace.

Surily Goel’s 'Roses Forever' collection saw wrap dresses lined with crochet detailing and a mini skirt dress in with lace trims and a teasy crochet dress did their own part in advocating the trend.                                                  

So did the lace detailing on the shoes she had specially created for the line.

The fact that she may have gone just a tad overboard with lace umbrella props she lined up the collection with, was something no one really seems to care or notice. Delhi-designer Mandira Wirk too, who will be showing her collection later this week promises a generous helping of lace and crochet in her Eternal Voyage collection.

So does Delhi designer Suneet Varma in a collection that the designer describes as “Mismatched Sex and the City”.                             

The trend and the move towards the lace and the crochet though. A lace ensemble by Rina Dhaka, who will be showing her collection at the Wills India Fashion Week in Delhi like one of the very few and much needed bridge between the two fashion weeks so far.

Even Delhi and Wills India Fashion Week designers promise to serve generous servings of cut and chantilly lace.

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