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Let’s chew over this one

Eat, drink and be merry because the next day’s research may prescribe a more austere way of life.

india Updated: May 19, 2013 23:14 IST
Hindustan Times

It really is more than anyone worth his salt can bear. After years of choking down inadequately salted dishes for fear of strokes, elevated blood pressure and kidney disease, we are now told that there is nothing to suggest that more than a pinch of salt will see you to an early grave. Or so the latest studies say. So hold the salt shaker because this could very well be refuted by yet another study.

This is of a piece with the periodic research findings that one or the other thing, usually something we like a lot, is not good for us or must be had in painful moderation. Those fond of starting the day with their eggs sunny side up have for years had to switch to anaemic egg whites or give up eggs altogether and marvel from afar at how the Parsis did not seem affected by eggoholism. Then along came another study urging you to do the opposite and the hatcheries were back in business. Then we agonised over whether should we eat red meat or not, or confine ourselves to non-fatty fish and lean cuts of chicken. Those who would dash across to the nearest vegetable market were warned about the dire consequences of pesticide-infused aubergines and cauliflower. So off and away we went to buy organic veggies at inorganic prices. Only to be told that there is not that much difference between the two and that you are not going to develop Popeye the sailor type of strength from organic spinach. Exercise we were given to understand is non-negotiable. While we were in mid-aerobic stretches, going for the burn, came news that intensive leaping about à la Jane Fonda can cause cracks in the bones of your feet. So away went the leotards and out came the yoga mats. But then, we were told that yoga without the proper instruction can do more harm than good. We give up.

The only surefire path to good health is to ignore these studies. Now do pass that television remote and the potato chips while you are at it.

First Published: May 19, 2013 23:11 IST