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Let the money flow in

Money has been associated with water for centuries. We refer to money as ‘flowing’ in and out of our lives. Feng Shui expert Raman Datta suggests some tips...

india Updated: Apr 03, 2009 17:56 IST
Feng-shui/Vaastu | Raman Datta
Feng-shui/Vaastu | Raman Datta
Hindustan Times

Money has been associated with water for centuries. We refer to money as ‘flowing’ in and out of our lives. We even talk about money being ‘in circulation’ as though it is a liquid pool, which never stands still. Feng Shui and vaastu is no different, and because the bathroom is where water flows on a regular basis, it is said to govern the wealth and financial prosperity of the entire household.

It becomes imperative to know more about your bathroom and re-arrange a few knick-knacks, if need be.

Inauspicious locations:
1. Opposite the Kitchen: The element of fire and water will clash in this situation. The leap from the preparation of the food (kitchen) to the elimination of food (toilet) is too violent for this to be seen as an auspicious position.

2. Adjacent to the front door: Main door is regarded as the mouth of the house, where career and opportunities enter, whereas the toilet is clearly at the other end of this process and needs to be as far as possible.

3. Directly opposite the front door: Even if it is at the end of a passage! This kind of position can lead to wasted opportunities and lost prospects, both career wise and financially.

4. Centre of the house: This is the worst location for the toilet. It is quite a common feature in houses where toilets are built under the stairs but this is considered disastrous for health and financial prospects.


* Ideally the bathroom should be well-ventilated, well lit and done up in healthy colours like green and blue. Blue represents water, which is the medium for cleansing and purification. Green represents life, new growth and new beginnings.

* Live plants in the bathroom purify the air and bring a sense of freshness and vitality.

* Always keep the toilet door shut and the lid of the pot down to suppress any loss luck. Make sure that taps are clean and work, as dripping taps mean wastage of money.

* Put two or three tablespoon of sea salt in a dish and place it on the windowsill.

Raman Datta is a Delhi-based feng shui and vaastu consultant. Call +91-9810155835

First Published: Apr 03, 2009 16:51 IST