Living happily ever after...really!
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Living happily ever after...really!

Every time I watch Notting Hill, there’s a moment when I believe that some man who is a Hugh Grant lookalike will propose to me at a press conference, writes Tasneem Nashrulla.

india Updated: May 08, 2009 17:33 IST
One-fourth of me | Tasneem Nashrulla
One-fourth of me | Tasneem Nashrulla
Hindustan Times

I tend to be cynical, pessimistic and fatalistic about most things, including marriage. Ironically, I’m a sucker for rom-coms. Every time I watch Notting Hill, there’s a moment when I actually believe that some dreamy man with Hugh Grantesque dimples will propose to me at a press conference.

But that splendid vision is shattered instantly when the TV is turned off and reality is switched on. Yes, there are those who still hold hands in the cinema hall and bring flowers for each other and kiss each other in public and embarrass their kids to death, but they are a tiny minority.

The chances of a couple dating, falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after, are as remote as a Hugh Grant look-alike wooing me at a press conference. Yes, I’m a killjoy.

Until now. I think I have found the perfect couple with a 21st century fairytale worth telling my grandchildren about. Let’s call them Rahul and Simran for corny romance’s sake.

Simran is my school friend — she’s perky, pink and posh. Rahul is my college friend — he’s laid-back, easy-going and big-hearted. Then there’s my best friend, Divya. She has a hobby — hooking her single friends up.

Simran had never been kissed. Rahul had never been serious about anything or anyone. The two had never met; didn’t even know the other one existed. Enter Divya and serendipity. They all happened to be at the same nightclub some three years ago.

Rahul asked Divya to hook him up. Divya asked Simran what she thought of Rahul. It seemed like the start of another college romance — flirty, fun and short-lived.

Cut to a few weeks ago. I received a large, glossy card which invited me to Rahul and Simran’s wedding. They threw a dinner party for Divya where we toasted her meddling ways.

It was an intimate affair; just close friends celebrating this wonderful turn of events. Amidst the laughter and gaiety, I observed the two of them, and however downright puke-in-the-mouth cheesy this might sound, I could not think of two people more perfect for each other.

In that moment, my cynicism faded away in the sheer euphoria and radiance that these two enveloped us with. And I’m no clairvoyant but something in my gut convinced me that there’s a chance these two could live happily ever after.
I’m dolling up for the next press conference I attend.. just in case.

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First Published: May 08, 2009 12:51 IST